How Are Marketers Using Email Today?

Email and the way marketers are using it is changing. Several years ago, it was one of the primary means of communication online. With so many other opportunities in social media to communicate and transfer information, the role of email in marketing has shifted.

Marketing budgets and time allocations have shifted to social media leaving less for email marketing, but that doesn’t mean marketers are ignoring it. With the advances in platform sophistication and the ability to integrate the email service into CRM systems and social platforms, it is still very relevant. Email marketing is another touch point and still a place for sales/conversions to come from.

In a recent study by Pardot Marketing Automation (infographic below), lead nurturing and content delivery were found to be strengths of email today that stood out to me.

Lead nurturing can be accomplished by drip marketing, sending multiple timed messages to leads based on time and actions taken by the lead.

Content delivery was also a strength according to respondents. Offering case studies, white papers, webinars or other multimedia to leads works.

As a marketer, don’t ignore email. While social media might be more effective in some ways, email is still extremely relevant. It is a way to communicate with leads that doesn’t go away or get covered up as easily as messages in social media. People can leave the message and come back for it if they don’t need it immediately. Consistent communication over time can help you build a “marketing” relationship with people that can pay dividends for years. It can be personalized which is important. If your competition is doing it you better be, if they are not, it is a touch point that can help you stand out and beat them.

In the private forum, we talk a lot about capturing data and building long term businesses and email marketing is a big part of that. It can mean the difference between being profitable or not in your marketing and can lead to a steady business model that can even out those peaks and valleys in revenue. If you are not using it, start now, if you are, don’t be afraid to try to expand your efforts a little and take it to the next level.


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