25 Mobile Ad Networks And Traffic Sources

Oh yea, time to rock the weekend and discover a new traffic source! Here, have 25 mobile traffic sources to kickstart the weekend:

Addictive Mobility – The AMOTM mobile advertising network was designed to provide advertisers and agencies with an opportunity to leverage social networks and social media to develop cost effective and deeply targeted advertising campaigns. They deal exclusively with premium inventory on social based mobile applications and leverage our extensive social targeting capabilities to help advertisers and agencies zero in on their target audience. – Link

Adfonic – a self-service mobile advertising marketplace for mobile publishers and advertisers. It launched in July 2009 and has been born out of ex-Infospace/Motricity employees. Link

AdInfuse/Velti – Velti mGage is an online, fully integrated mobile marketing and advertising platform. It is built on a modular architecture designed to handle the full life cycle of mobile marketing and advertising, including campaign and media planning, ad serving and routing, mobile web sites, marketing, CRM, analytics, and reporting requirements, in one end-to-end platform. Link

AdiQuity – global mobile ads platform that works for the mobile publishers and applies real time optimization on global ad inventory accessible through its several ad network partners from across the world. Link

AdMarvel – AdMarvel’s trained ad operations team works with ad networks, agencies and publishers to optimize and fulfull campaigns with complete performance reports. Custom ad units, banner performance tracing and more. Link

AdMob – Reach targeted audiences across platforms and devices with Google Mobile Ads. Grow online sales, send more customers to your store, or build your brand across top websites and apps with innovative mobile ad formats. Link

Admoda – efficient marketplace where you can set up campaigns, upload banner/text ads, set your targeting (countries, carriers, handsets, etc), set your click price, and activate campaigns all from within a simple-to-use web interface. Link

Adtech Info Mobile – the simplified way to book mobile campaigns and precisely reach your mobile audience. It’s like booking a display campaign only with mobile targeting options. In just a few clicks you can manage your ads according to network operator, device type, and device manufacturer. Link

AirPush – Founded in Los Angeles by mobile advertising veterans, Airpush is the first mobile ad network based on push notifications. Users receive ads in the notification tray of their Android devices, where they can be viewed when convenient rather than while using an app. This generates significantly more ad engagement versus traditional in-app ads. Link

Apptera – Leveraging our proven MobileAd Xchange and CallTextual targeting technology, Apptera‚ Voice and Visual ad units combined with premium placements deliver excellent results for advertisers while enabling publishers to monetize the traffic they generate on call sites and mobile apps. Link

Buzzcity – BuzzCity is a global advertising network. Reach millions of consumers around the world on mobile phones and devices. Link

Crisp Wireless – Crisp’s innovative rich media advertising formats empower brands to engage with consumers and drive interaction across multiple platforms, while simplifying creative development, streamlining ad serving, and unifying reporting for agencies. Link

Decktrade – The performance-based, auction-style network is designed to maximize the value of mobile inventory and deliver maximum returns on all mobile advertising. Whether you’re a publisher looking for competitive revenue share and great fill rates or an advertiser looking to generate downloads, drive traffic or even increase sales. Link

Gigafone – Gigafone’s unique full screen mobile advertising platform makes mobile advertising easy. Utilising our on-device profiling and display approach, we get the right ad to the right person. Link

Greystripe – Reach tens of millions of iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry users with the leading independent mobile ad network. Link

Hunt Mobile Ads – Hunt M. Ads allows you to reach millions of mobile phone users throughout Latin America. Link

iLoopMobile – iLoop Mobile’s mobile marketing platform, professional services and training enable the most successful brands, marketing agencies, and media companies to create, manage and analyze mobile marketing campaigns worldwide. Link

InMobi – With billions of impressions reaching millions of consumers in almost every region around the globe, we provide unprecedented reach at significant scale. Our technology platform enables sophisticated targeting with a multitude of options that will enable you to reach your campaign objectives. Link

Jumptap – Jumptap helps advertisers reach targeted, receptive audiences at scale. Jumptap’s advanced patented technology, unparalleled data partnerships, and mobile rich media expertise, allow advertisers to deliver impactful messages to customers in a meaningful way. Link

Medialets – is the most widely deployed mobile rich media ad platform, enabling the most engaging and measurable rich media advertisements for mobile devices. Link

Millenial Media – Millennial Media delivers proven mobile solutions across the campaign lifecycle that begin and end with our advertisers’ goals. Millennial Media allows you to reach your goals by offering the richest set of tools. Link

Mobclix – Apple iPhone analytics and the largest mobile ad exchange for your apps. Make more money with higher eCPMs and more ad networks. Link

Mojiva – Our mobile ad network makes it easy to design a mobile ad, create keyword lists, target users, launch the mobile ad campaign and reach millions instantly. Link

Pontiflex – With Pontiflex’s unique ad platform, you can run signup ads on top mobile apps and websites. Signup ads work on a Cost-per-Lead (CPL) pricing model. This means you only pay when people sign up with their email address or social networking handle – and never for wasted clicks or impressions. Link

Rhythm New Media – Rhythm makes it easy for advertisers to reach a captivated, expansive and relevant mobile audience and for publishers to make money from their mobile apps and websites. Link

There you go. 25 Mobile Traffic sources you can get started right away with. Did I miss one? Add it to the comments below!


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