Get Your Code and Design Looking Sexy with Twitter Bootstrap

Ok, so we have all been there before. That all too familiar place when we are inspired to start a new project and then the hunt begins that seems to go on forever, at least for me.

Hours of searching and taking notes turns into days in an exhausting search to create a “feel” or “look” that most appropriately represents your brand/idea.

Most often we look for inspiration in design, layout, assets, and copy in any combination and then try to place our own design spin on it. Uggggh. I have recently discovered a better idea and it’s called Bootstrap by Twitter. Yeah, you know that BIG ASS micro blogging platform that has a super sexy user interface and clean design – yeah, those guys.

Well, they have made the task of putting together a project that is gorgeous, snappy alot easier and cheaper (how does free code grab ya?)

So, what is Bootstrap? Bootstrap is many things. But, let’s go ahead and define the overall picture. Bootstrap helps the beginner and even seasoned code veteran look awesome. How? Bootstrap is Twitter’s design and code wrapped up in a pretty package to help people like you and me keep the web beautiful and fast, but mainly beautiful.

While the main purpose of this code is to put together services, web products, etc. I would imagine that you could utilize it for a myriad of different purposes. And with code that is really quick and stunningly beautiful to the eyes, the question remains – why aren’t you using it? Go check it out!

Twitter Bootstrap – Get Started

Code licensed under the Apache License v2.0. Documentation licensed under CC BY 3.0. Icons from Glyphicons Free, licensed under CC BY 3.0.


  1. Andrew says

    That's a sweet resource. Thanks for finding it, I'll test it out for building my friend's pages! I can do appcode but designcode is always tough

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