How To Use Mobile App Extensions To Get Your App Discovered

If you haven’t heard of the mobile app extension, it’s basically a really cool “new” way to promote your own mobile apps. Not all mobile users searching for a business may know that the business has an app. The Mobile App extension allows advertisers to append a mobile app download link to their search ads. With this extension, advertisers can promote their mobile app to users who may simply be searching for their brand, product or service.

First off, let’s discuss how to setup these mobile app extensions:

Mobile app extensions let you add a link to any mobile application (mobile app) within an app store (Google Play or the Apple App Store), driving potential customers to learn more about your mobile app and install it. With ads showing a mobile app extension, people have the option to either click through to your website from the ad headline or click directly to the mobile app through the link below the ad.

What the mobile app extension is

The mobile app extension, like other ad extensions, lets you add more information to your ads. In the case of the mobile app extension, you’re able to add a link directly to the mobile app, leading potential customers to learn more about the app and eventually download it.

Note that unlike sitelinks, with which you can add multiple links to different pages of your site,  only one mobile app extension can be displayed per text ad. Once a mobile app is enabled, customers have the option of clicking through to your website from the headline or clicking through to the app store (Google Play or Apple App Store).

When to use the mobile app extension

Use the mobile app extension when you want to give potential customers the option to click through to the app store to learn more about your app and install it. As with regular ad texts, the headline of your ad will continue to link to your website.

How to set up a mobile app extension

Before setting up a mobile app extension, make sure you have the following items:

  • A mobile app that’s live within Google Play or the Apple App Store
  • The Package Name (Android) or App ID (iOS) for your mobile app
  • The URL of the page within the app store where users can learn more about the app or click to install the app

To add a mobile app extension, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Campaigns tab in your AdWords account.
  2. Open the Ad extensions tab. If you do not see the Ad extensions tab, you can enable it by clicking the drop-down menu to the right of the Keywords tab.
  3. Select ‘+ New Extensions‘, then choose the campaign for which you’d like to enable the extension, and select “Mobile app extension.”
  4. Select the operating system of your mobile app (Android or iOS).
  5. In the Mobile App field, enter the Package Name (Android) or App ID (iOS).For Android, you’ll find the Package Name in the URL for the app in Google Play (ex:

    For iOS, you’ll find the App ID in the URL of the app within the Apple App Store (ex:

  6. Enter the link text you’d like potential customers to see, as well as the link URL. This link should take customers directly to the app store where they can click to install the app.

The mobile app extension gives advertisers a new distribution channel for their mobile apps and users a new discovery medium. Beta participants saw a 6% lift in CTR for campaigns using Mobile App extensions, compared to control campaigns.

The new Mobile App Extension found in the “Ad Extensions” tab. Use its new ‘app picker’ function to easily find your company’s app in Google Play Store or iTunes App Store.

For the first time, businesses can use AdWords mobile search ads as a holistic solution to promote, monetize and track their app downloads. Pretty crazy stuff, I love the idea of being able to get searched and having an app icon showing up. It would just further enhance my brand. Hmm, maybe have to get these apps finished afterall.

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