How To Get More Twitter Followers With Tweet And Get It

It’s 3am. I am reading marketing news like a madman. I sit in front of my glorious 27 inch iMac at this quiet hour in full time grind mode. Why? Because I love being an entrepreneur.

Lately, I have been hunting for great wordpress plugins – free and premium. Why? Well, if you recall I spoke about the opportunity to build out a blog that reviews both free and premium wordpress sites. Since, I have been collecting great plugins, I thought that I would take my own advice and build out a site.

Today I have a freebie for you that I think you will like very much! (In case you missed my premium post review of OptInBar – Check it out here.)

<takes a slug of coffee>
Where were we? Oh, yes…Your free wp plugin.
Today’s wp plugin discovery is – Tweet and Get It

The idea behind this free wordpress plugin is actually pretty clever. Let’s say you have an ebook on how to win at poker. Let’s also say that after reading several posts at IMGrind, you have finally decided to embrace the idea of building a community and a list. GREAT! Welcome aboard. You obviously see the value in having your own email list, but what about your social followers?

What are you doing to communicate with them? Maybe some of your visitors aren’t comfortable with the idea of you emailing them with your incredible insight or offers, but they would be willing to follow you on twitter. Here is a plugin that will hopefully help you get those visitors on your social list.

At this point int the social/seo game, everyone needs social evangelists – those people who will go out there and talk/tweet/share/circle/pin (phew….) about your brand until their keyboard explodes.

Got a wordpress blog? Ok! Go download Tweet and Get It.

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