How To Generate Quality Leads By Engaging Your Audience With Inbound Marketing

One of the things many marketers fail at is engaging their audience to effectively capture leads. In general people do not want to give up their information.  Over the years aggressive marketers have pounded users with SPAM emails (and now phones) with unwanted messages.  As the performance marketing industry continues to evolve we need to keep the end user’s experience in mind and work on enhancing it rather than creating weak lead gen funnels with overly aggressive back-ends.

Ruck’s mentioned a lot about inbound marketing here on the Grind and many Entrepreneurs understand how powerful this can be if used the right way.  In short we don’t want users to be “weary” when they submit their name, email address, phone number, or other information that makes up a successful lead.  We want them to enter the information in return for something of greater value.  A piece of information that’s going to enhance their entire browsing experience.

Over the last year we’ve produced numerous PDF downloads in return for a email address.  Once the information is captured, we “nurture” the lead by simply sending out more quality information.  If you understand how to effectively utilize inbound marketing that you can monetize your lead base without ever “pitching” or creating an overall poor end-user experience.  For example we offer our Lead Generation Guidebook in return for an email address.  Sure, our end goal is to generate more subscribers to add to our Community, but we don’t want to “force” it on someone as this would lead to an overall low quality customer and a member that doesn’t add value to our site.

Let’s say you operate a website that targets an audience interested in losing weight.  Your end goal is to get the user’s to subscribe to a premium service where they can have access to a bunch of unique features such as a BMI tracker, workout routines, healthy food lists, etc.  To begin capturing leads you offer the users a PDF full of “50 Healthy Recipes That Take Less Than 30 Minutes.”  When you begin generating leads perhaps you’ll send them a weekly newsletter linking to all of the content on your site.  Before you know it you’ll be generating tons of targeted traffic to your pages that can THEN be monetized by your own product or affiliate offers.  You don’t have to be pitching all the time!

If you’ve purchased large amounts of traffic either through search engine marketing, media buying, or social media I want you to take a couple of minutes and reflect on the assets that you have retained.  If you’re utilizing inbound marketing correctly you’ve grown your websites into popular content rich resource hubs that contain an audience that can be re-marketed to over and over again.  They welcome your weekly emails and don’t cringe when they see your company name show up on their credit card statement.

One thing I see far to often in the performance marketing industry is too many people are focused on “here today gone tomorrow” offers.  Those that think long term from the beginning and work on enhancing user’s experiences will be the ones that will be selling for eight figures in the next decade or so.  Those that aren’t building and all just relying on the “quick buck” will eventually find themselves in a world of trouble when they wake-up one day and realize they spent all their time, money, and effort never retaining an asset or adding to a user’s browsing experience.  Engage your audience through content, add value, and then focus on monetization.  Don’t look at is as a sprint, it’s a marathon where the best will consistently finish first.

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