How To Buy Facebook Page Promoted Posts From Your Mobile Device

Recently, Facebook has started to really simplify their offerings to advertisers. In case you didn’t know, Ryan and myself have spent over a million dollars a piece purchasing Facebook ads over the last couple of years so we like to keep our ears to the ground and eyes in the sky when it comes to new advertising options at Facebook.

In less than just 7 months, Facebook pulls the plug on their Reach Generator. Reach Generator allowed advertisers to pay Facebook on an ongoing basis, as opposed to a CPC or CPM basis, to sponsor their page posts and guarantee a 75 percent reach of the page’s fanbase over a month-long period. Posts might appear within the feed or in the sidebar. The company is focusing instead on its Promoted Posts product, which is not limited to premium advertisers.

As a premium offering, Reach Generator required advertisers to work with Facebook directly. Costs were determined by the size of the page and were likely higher than what it would cost to reach the same number of people through non-premium placements. However, when the Reach Generator program was announced in February, it was harder for pages to reach additional fans through the feed.

OOPS. –> That translates into “This is way too fucking much work.” Since then, the social network has opened up opportunities for pages to reach users more effectively. These options allow companies to achieve the same goals that Reach Generator was intended for without requiring Facebook to dedicate additional resources toward managed services.

Now if you’re an iPhone user like I am and have Facebook Pages, you might be using the Page Manager app. I do! It gives me a lot of flexibility to moderate our pages and engage with our fans while I’m mobile and on the go. Pages Manager has a similar format to Facebook’s existing iOS app, but it adds notifications and insights, as well as eliminates any features that are not related to pages.

Quick Note: If you don’t have the Page Manager App, then sorry I don’t believe you can purchase Promoted Posts on your mobile devices yet. Facebook has a really big hard-on for iOS.

Promoted Posts allows advertisers to make their page posts more prominent in more users news feeds. Because they appear in the news feed instead of in the right hand ads column, promoted posts are better suited for mobile impressions than other Facebook ads. The ability to use Promoted Posts via mobile makes it easier for businesses to hand pick which posts they wish to promote to their fans. Pages, like users, are not able to reach all of their followers organically. Besides being able to purchase ads through the app, users will also be able to see the amount of people reached through their promoted posts similar to how it is on desktop.

Here’s a snapshot:

Facebook Mobile Promoted Posts


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