Page Post Targeting Enhanced Now For Select Facebook Pages

If you haven’t heard on TechCrunch already, Facebook is rolling out their advertising feature – “Page Post Targeting Enhanced” today to select Facebook Pages. At this time, it isn’t really clear what this all entails because the member who reported this was from a Facebook  Group for social marketers which is closed. (Meaning, I can’t see the information.)

Here’s what he said though:

“Page Post Targeting Enhanced

Today, we will start rolling out an enhanced version of Page Post Targeting to a small percentage of Page Admins. Over the next few weeks, this will become available to all pages.  With this new feature, Pages can now target their posts to certain fans in the news feed who meet specific criteria such as age, gender, location, language, etc.

All content will still remain on the Page since this is the only way to allow friends of engaged fans who don’t meet the targeting criteria to see viral stories (i.e. David likes a post.. )”

I’ve already reached out to our Facebook contacts but they aren’t saying shit to us. (Bummer.) The important take-away is that with the Page Post Targeting Enhanced feature, Page owners can target their posts to fans in the news fees based off age, gender, location, language and the big one — ETC. What does ETC mean? We’re still standing by for Official confirmation.

I would assume more targeting options such as Interest, Likes, work history will also become available. They are slowly rolling this out and have stated that this advertising option will roll out to ALL Facebook Pages in the next few weeks.

Personally, I think this is a great move because as a Page Owner myself (Actually 4 FB Pages currently) this will allow our team to make better use of our Facebook Pages and craft better ad messages to our fans.

Up until this point we’ve only been able to target our posts to fans based on certain locations and languages. (In our campaigns, it’s all been English speaking.)

So great news for more advertising options which is a good move for Facebook considering their bumpy earnings call. Also, has anyone noticed that Facebook is negotiating with advertisers who’ve had accounts banned? Haha, we just got a couple back this morning.

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