How To Engage Visitors To Capture Leads

One of the first ways I learned how to capture leads was by  engaging visitors and pre-qualifying them.  Understand that some people may be reluctant to enter their name and email address right off the bat so you will need to follow some basic tactics to get them “engaged” in what you’re offering so they have a higher perceived value of the product/service.  If memory serves me correctly, Ruck actually taught me this several years ago way before we started working together.

I like to start by asking a couple of questions.  Let’s say you’re looking to collect diet leads.  You may ask the person:

  • Are You Male Or Female?
  • How Many Pounds Do You Want To Lose?
  • Are You Motivated And Ready To Start Losing Weight Today?
  • If We Were To Offer You A Trial Weight Loss Product Today Would You Be Willing To Try It?

I personally recommend split testing this, asking all the questions on one page and then asking one question per page.  After your final question (that pitches the offer) then ask the visitor for their Name and Email Address.  This way you’re going to filter out the people who aren’t going to provide you with a quality lead.

Following the input of their data you could simply direct them to an offer wall that contains multiple weight loss products (all CPA/CPS offers).

Your back-end to the offer could contain an automatic email followup sequence that periodically checks in and offers a wide array of health and beauty offers (more lead gens as well as credit card submit offers).

The verticals you can enter by doing this are only limited to your imagination.  Ruck and I have both seen this work successfully with not only weight loss, but teeth whitening, anti-aging creams, biz pop, and many more.  I’ve said it time-and-time again but creativity always wins in lead generation arbitrage.  How creative can you get with this?  Add videos, pictures, etc. for even higher conversion rates/optins.

I’ve laid it out for you, take action and get to testing!


  1. Jamie says

    Good ideas here, getting my funnel started as we speak, tried to contact convert2media to ask a few questions about revshare but haven't heard anything. Hit me up when you get a sec.


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