Capturing Markets And Building Lists

I’m going to assume in this post you have identified a market you want to get into. The next step is capturing subscribers and customers in this market. We will refer to this first step as “capturing prospects” because with lead-gen arbitrage, that’s what you are doing here. A prospect is anyone interested in what you have to offer and that makes them a “potential customer“. In order to capture prospects you will need to “lure” them into giving you their name and email address.

Tip: The bottom line in lead-gen arbitrage is how much of the market you are able to contact “at will” and at ANY time.

Repeat Customers = Repeat Profits

Not only do you have to build a list, but you need to make sure your subscribers are “targeted” and interested in what you are offering. The first step in accomplishing this is to make damn sure you have chosen the correct market and market segments to begin with. Have you:

  • Established the markets level of interest and profitability?
  • Located the correct affiliate products for that market?
  • Targeted the correct keywords for that market on that product

Those are the 3 things you to make absolutely sure you have accomplished. If markets are not targeted accordingly along with the products for that market, you’re going to have a really tough time here.

You need to make sure you are targeting actionable keywords accordingly but also make sure that all of your traffic generating methods are also targeting the market correctly. If you have your lead-gen offer on an Affiliate Network, you will need to specify how you want the offer promoted!

Also be sure to:

  • make sure you are advertising on relevant sites and webpages
  • writing content correctly to the targeted market
  • aligning with all the right distribution partners for the market
  • If you are putting your lead gen offer on a network, make sure the affiliates target your market accordingly
  • testing and tracking all of your traffic

Monitoring your conversion results will let you know whether you have targeted effectively or not. You will need to optimize your total market capture with 3 methods listed in below:

1. Keyword Optimization
– Match sure any keywords you are advertising for that lure prospects into your lead gen funnel are good matches for the products you are promoting.

2. Optimize Your Copy – Copy optimization picks up where keyword optimization leaves off. Use your optin page copy to clarify the specifics of the product you are promoting. Let prospects know exactly what they are opting in for, what they will be receiving, and why you should be viewed as a trusted source for whatever they are seeking.

3. Clean Your Lists – Over time you will notice that you will be having a lot of unresponsive prospects. That;s ok, this happens. Some people will use fake information or change email addresses. Others might be just freebie seekers, wasting your time, who have never purchased anything from you. Go in and delete any dead or bouncing email addresses. Then, try making a final offer to the prospects not responding before deleting them from your list forever.

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