Can You Guess Who's Making The Most Money In The Mobile App Industry?

As a marketer, advertiser, developer and consumer, we all play an integral part in the ever-expanding mobile app industry. It has literally been a knock-out dogfight towards the finish line between Android and iOS but what I was surprised by was the third player to make this list – Amazon.

I was really surprised to find out that only after a year of release, Amazon’s App Store dramatically increased it’s App availability from 4,000 to over 34,000! (And Growing!)

Another insane statistic is that Mobile Game Ad revenue is estimated to increase exponentially from $87 Million in 2012 to $894 Million by 2015!

Check out this informative infographic packed full of delicious app goodies. It should give you a motivation to ramp up your mobile marketing efforts.

mobile app industry

[Source: LeadBolt]

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