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It’s been a while since we’ve reviewed a company on the blog so I decided it was time to discuss one of my favorite email marketing services.  This past summer when Ruck and I were creating the Grind we were looking for an email marketing solution that would allow us to import our existing email lists into a platform and email them with superior deliverability.  One of my good friends and email “gurus” recommended that we take a look at Campaigner.  He said he had used them many times in the past and their deliverability was bar none – he wasn’t joking!

Now days I’m really reluctant to recommend email marketing service providers to anyone because I’ve seen some really go to pot.  One or two apples in the bunch can compromise deliverability and if your emails aren’t even hitting the inbox their is no chance for an effective email marketing campaign.  Regardless the goal of your email marketing campaign the first and most important thing is that your message is delivered to a user’s inbox and not to their SPAM/bulk folder.

Ruck and I had our email lists segmented throughout many different solutions.  We’d both been building our lists for a long time and wanted to combine them together into one simple, easy to mail, list.  When you login to Campaigner’s dashboard you’ll notice an option to “Add Contact”  tab.  Once you hover over it you can select to “Import” contacts from a file or online service:

You then have multiple options for importation:

Pretty sick huh?  Now obviously you want to make sure you’re importing contacts that have double opted into your list (confirmed leads) so you will not receive a bunch of complaints nor violate any of Campaigner’s terms and conditions.  They have a friendly help document at the top of the import page that will help you understand what kind of emails are not acceptable to import but using general common sense you should be fine (don’t email people that haven’t given you permission to email them).

My second favorite thing about Campaigner is they allow you to take the text from your HTML email and import it into your “text-based” email copy.  If you’ve done any email marketing whatsoever you know the importance of sending both a HTML message and a plain text message.  Not all email services will render HTML so by providing a back-up plain text copy you’ll be certain that your message will be read by everyone on your list.  This is a common mistake many beginners make when setting up their email marketing campaigns.

Finally Campaigner’s reporting is bad ass.  Immediately after sending your email campaign you can begin to view stats in real time:

If someone hits the SPAM button you’re also able to see their exact email address so you can quickly remove them from all of your lists and maintain a low compliant rate.  Notice ours! Here are some of the key features Campaigner touts on their site:

Create professionally designed emails from templates

  • Does your email have a polished, business look or does it look like a note to your Mom?
  • Select from 500+ eye-catching professional email templates or use your own Add your own text and images
  • No programming or design skills required

Or with our Smart Email Builder

  • Perfect for people with no design, or html skills, our smart email editor is a simple email tool that creates beautiful emails from start to send.
  • Choose a layout and color scheme and enter your content Automatically formats content
  • Image resizing slider means perfectly proportioned images every time.

Personalize your emails

  • And engage in a 1-on-1 conversation with many at once
  • Automatically add your customer’s name to your email for a personal touch
  • Target specific customers based on their preferences and previous buying interests, etc.

Keep track of your lists

  • You’ll never have to manually update a spreadsheet again. Centralize & consolidate your email list
  • Automate management of opt-in/opt-out

Make sure your emails get delivered

  • Are your email campaigns reaching the inbox? Ours do. Campaigner’s deliverability is consistently over 97%
  • Since 1999 our expert post master staff has ensured optimal delivery results.

Track your email performance and measure results

  • Do your emails work? Our reports will tell you. Each campaign is tracked and measured
  • Check the report statistics – open emails, clicks, bounces, and opt-outs and more

Get support when you need it

  • Bet you don’t work 9 to 5? We do and more – we’re here 24/7.
  • North American-based coaching and support to help you create the best email campaigns possible
  • Live training sessions daily

Honestly Campaigner is one of my “secret weapons” that I really haven’t told a lot of people about.  I don’t want the dumbasses coming in and abusing it because it works that darn well.  Every time I send an email from their service I’m overly surprised at the results (consistently making $X,XXX profit).  If you’re looking for a solid email marketing solution I would suggest giving them a shot.  They offer a free trial and do not limit any of the features during the trial period.  After that it’s around $10 a month for 1,000 contacts and they do not limit the number of emails you can send.  Pretty freaking sick.  Campaigner rocks I’m one happy customer:)!  If you’re looking for a solid email marketing service provider, click here to try them out for free for 30 days.



  1. archon says

    These are very useful and need to know tips for everyone who plans using Email marketing to promote his business.
    I and i say this from my own personal experience, think that email marketing is the marketing strategy that offers the biggest return for the initial investment. It is really easy to set up.
    All you need is a good email template to get your potential customers interested and an email database with opt-in email addresses that you can gather on your own or buy from one of the many email list providers on line.
    I’ve been buying my email databases from… and so far it is as good as it gets.

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