Kickass Benefits Of Mobile Marketing

To start understanding the benefits of mobile marketing, it’s a good idea to explore the unique ways consumers use mobile devices as the “connective tissue” between marketers’ online and offline consumer touch points. Here are several ways mobile devices are different from other forms of marketing:

  • Mobile devices are personal and rarely shared with another person
  • Mobile devices are always carried by consumers
  • Mobile devices are always turned on
  • Mobile devices have built-in payment systems
  • Mobile devices allow for accurate audience measurement
  • Mobile devices capture the social element of media consumption
  • Mobile devices have a physical presence in a specific location

Tracking the effectiveness of mobile marketing campaigns is easier than doing so for traditional programs. It’s a simple process to follow an individual with a unique phone number attatched to every action, plus you can instantly communicate with your audience.

Your audience is most likely carrying their mobile device with them, which means they can always receive messages. This is superior to other forms of marketing, whereby the audience has to be in a specific place to see a billboard or view an advertisement.

Marketing through mobile devices is also very efficient. Producing content for mobile view, such as audio or video, is very inexpensive when compared to producing content for desktop computers. However, the smaller screen sizes, lower-resolution, and lower data transfer rates on mobile devices mean the content has to be simpler in design and execution.

Imagine the efficiencies of mobile marketing to customers who always have with them promotional coupons, vouchers and other incentives, because the incentives are sent as part of a mobile campaign. For example, customers who receive a text message coupon offering them 20 percent off a food item at a restaurant are more likely to bring their mobile phones with them to the restaurant and actually use the coupon than customers who have to clip something out of a newspaper.

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