How To Become A Lead Generation Arbitrager

While Ryan has been handling a lot of the lead generation arbitrage in the community, I decided I would jump on here on the blog and give my take.

First off, a little back-ground. I created my first lead generation site at the end of 2006 and then started doing it exclusively  online in 2007. I’ve got countless leads  I’ve provided as a publisher to affiliate networks such as (was CPA Empire back then), ROI Rocket (tons of survey bizopp leads over to Zac), Hydra Network (bought out by Adknowledge, honestly don’t know what they call it now, I don’t keep up with that shit), Maxbounty (sent email back-end leads to Amy over there for a couple of years) and Epic Direct (was Azoogleads back then) and was one of the largest affiliates for Send Earnings, Inbox Dollars  and Panda Research.

As a network owner, I’m not even going to comment on the amount of publishers I’ve worked with who went  on to become 6-7 figure a month earners, even became affiliate network owners themselves. I’ve worked with thousands of people in this industry and blah blah blah.

Ok so now that we got that out of the way, let’s continue…

The  whole concept of lead gen arbitrage is basically to have the ability to capture your own data, squeeze them through your sales funnel to provide front-end profits, follow-up with them for back-end monetization and then target them accordingly through re-targeting and reactivation email campaigns.

For the simple-minded marketer, this isn’t for you, so you’ll need to stop reading right now. This is for seriously motivated marketers who are ready to quit all the bull-shit, stop fighting with competition in their markets and ad-networks, and basically own their markets respectively.

We cover a lot of this training in our community:

So if you are tired of battling high competitive  ad-networks with newbs copy-catting each other to the point of nobody able to turn a profit, if you are tired of shit-head  networks who skip out on your acai and teeth-whitening  payments (cough thanks Epic and CX Digital for setting the bar this year!), and if you are tired  of just sitting on your ass reading thread by thread of useless information and strategies worn out to exhaustion, well then, sit back and pay attention.

I’m  not talking about setting up the next greatest flog and making a million dollars only to have state agencies  or god forbid the FTC on your ass for deceptive marketing here. I’m talking about stable and consistent methods of REAL marketing I’ve been using the for over half a decade and methods that allow Ryan G and myself  to enter any market regardless of the competition and turn profits. I’ve seen Ryan G dominate Adwords traffic with a simple lead gen funnel. Matter of fact, he did the exact case-study on this site in the Community.

Being a lead-gen arbitrager is all about building out revenue streams that INCREASE revenue from EACH and EVERY user that you attract and opt-in to your email lists. Having an autoresponder is not a choice, it’s a requirement. If you cannot afford one, well you shit out of luck on this because we are talking about a way to connect to the leads you drive everyday on a continous basis, versus just driving leads to close out a one-time sale (enter floggers).

To be a lead-gen arbitrager you need to have the ability to drive leads to your optin squeeze pages and start redirecting them through your double-optin email process (so you have permission to keep emailing them) and having them continue on through your sales funnel.

It doesn’t just stop there though…

You will be monetizing these users on a re-curring basis on a time-frame of your choosing. You may to decide to email them daily, weekly, monthly, that’s really up to you.

You will do this by capturing their email, redirecting through your sales funnel, getting the user to double-optin, thanking them on the double optin confirmation (monetizing this as well, to increase front end profits) and then finish the process off with an autoresponder sequence for consistent contact with your leads, allowing you to monetize them consistently for a longer LUV (Lifetime User Value) but  also providing your daily on a consistent basis to  a 3rd party rev-share company who will also email for you and pay you 50% or better on the profits your data generates. This allows you to email less-aggressively and ultimately allow the list to not be “aggressively marketed” by just you.

Sounds like alot right? Actually it isn’t. I’ve built countless of these funnels literally over-night. Once you do it once and get the hang of it, you’ll see why  you will have the upper-hand no matter what market you enter.

Traffic wise, you have multitudes of options to turn to. Personally as a network owner I’ve got access to over 1,000 affiliates who have the opportunity to drive traffic to my offers. I don’t even have to do it myself although if you don’t have this (which you do as a community member), then you will need to use alternative means of distribution of your lead gen offers. PPV and PPC are the favorites however, it’s a helleva lot easier to rely on other affiliate marketers to drive traffic to your offers and this leaves you wide open on creating even more lead-gen funnels!

As a lead-gen arbitrager you get the best of both worlds as an affiliate and advertiser! I’m curious, has any of the readers here begun this process yet? The ways to monetize are endless. For example, you dont even have to capture emails. Nope, with mobile marketing exploding, it’s becoming quite popular just to have a simple mobile website, drive traffic to a text message optin and then have the ability to simply text your list…so to speak.

However, that’s a whole other post. Maybe at a later date!




    • Ryan Gray says

      Not necessarily dude… If you have good credit and a good relationship with a network you can get started with amounts as low as $1K (or less).

  1. says

    I've personally worked with dozens of affiliates at C2M who wanted to try their own lead-gen offer and I cut them deals with special terms to help with cash-flow. Many of these arbitragers are in the community although I've got confidential agreements to not speak anymore about specifics.

  2. Francis says

    Wish somebody told me about this a year ago. Getting my first site and funnel up last week, gonna make this work!

  3. says

    Great article! It was lead gen that provided me that first "ahah" moment in marketing. At one point, our sites where the largest dating advertiser on mySpace. we drove 1000's of leads daily through this exact sort of process.

    1. capture the data
    2. sell off the data immediately to recover the media cost
    3. market the data on the back end

    While we do not operate in dating any longer, we are still generating revenue on lead data that is over 3 years old.

    The best thing about the model is that it TAKES WORK. If you are willing, there is a definite edge in this business that is not easily replicated by others. And, you are building a real branded business that has real dollar value which can be sold off down the road.

    Be prepared to really learn – this is not a business where you are posting a new campaign every 15 minutes. Pick your niche, focus, and be consistent.

    There is money in leads !

  4. says

    Well I'll be. It's good to see you're still writing and mentoring, Ruck. My site is now doing over 2 million pageviews per month, with over 1,000 Aweber subscribers and 5,000+ Facebook fans.

    I'm living off of CPM advertising, but I'd love to work in some CPA and CPS shit. Why don't you hit me up with what you think would convert as far as banners on the site and emails to my subscribers?


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