New Facebook Ads Broad Targeting Options

Looks like Facebook is rolling out some new targeting features which I plan on taking fully advantage of here momentarily.

You can now target people who have “Recently Moved.” This targeting option represents endless possibilities, from cable and Internet companies to the local masseuse. Small businesses can take this opportunity to brand to new transplants on Facebook, raise awareness, and even offer a “new to town” discount.

Facebook has also revealed folks who are Away from Family or Away from Hometown.” This targeting could be leveraged for distance gift-giving or long distance phone service, to name a few.

Facebook has also recently given us the ability to segment the users who are engaged by dividing it up between less than six months and less than a year. Separating these users gives advertisers more power to hyper-focus their ads. A woman who has been engaged for less than six months is probably in the beginning stages of wedding planning and dieting. Conversely, someone who is engaged for closer to a year may be approaching those steps down the aisle and in need of a quick teeth whitening.

One of the newest Broad Category Targeting in Facebook is surely some seriously deadeye targeting. Introducing…. Auto Intender category. The name is a bit of a head scratcher at first blush, but as you can imagine (and confirmed by a Facebook Rep’), it targets users who are most likely in search of a new vehicle.

Much to advertisers’ pleasure, Facebook’s Broad Targeting gets even better… You can now target users expecting a baby.

Next, with Category Targeting in Facebook, we can target users who are interested in “Education/Teaching.”

This last bit of new Facebook targeting is just the beginning, mark my words. Facebook has introduced Broad Ethnic Targeting.

There you have, it fellow Facebook marketers, recently rolled out targeting in Facebook’s Broad Category, killer for local business and big business alike. Quick, easy, and practically painless targeting.

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