Attention Marketers! Introducing The 1st Wave Of Mobile Advertising On Facebook (And It's Badass)

Facebook Mobile MarketingIf you have done any type of successful Facebook advertising then you have probably been waiting on some mobile advertising opportunities.

Well, the day has come.

Today, Facebook began allowing marketers to select whether the Sponsored Stories ads they buy appear in consumers’ news feeds on a mobile device, desktop or a combination of the two. The news feed is the first page a consumer sees when logging on to the social network.

In case you’ve been under a rock, Sponsored Stories enable advertisers to highlight posts or actions, such as when a consumer’s Facebook friend Likes a product, checks into a store, plays a game or uses a Facebook application. Marketers previously could not select where their Sponsored Stories would appear.

Now, we have a little bit more control over where are ads appear on the behemoth.

Ok, so here’s how it works:

Marketers can now buy Sponsored Stories in the News Feed and specify where they would like those advertisements to appear: the desktop, mobile or both. They can also combine those with placements on the right-hand side (desktop only).

The five options, in full:

  • All placements. News Feed desktop, right-hand side desktop, News Feed mobile.
  • All desktop placements. News Feed desktop, right-hand side desktop.
  • News Feed desktop and mobile placements. News Feed desktop and News Feed mobile.
  • News Feed desktop placements. News Feed desktop only.
  • News Feed mobile placements. News Feed mobile only.

The important thing to note in all of this, for all of us who have ADHD:

Facebook has nearly half of their 900+ Million user base accessing mobile devices!

What a wonderful time we live in. 500 Mobile users, at the touch of our keyboards.

Power EditorHere’s a snapshot of the placements inside the Power Editor —>

Advertisers can choose to show their ads in on the desktop right-hand side, desktop News Feed, mobile News Feed or all locations. This is useful for advertisers whose page or application is desktop- or mobile-only. For instance, a page seeking to drive users to a landing tab would want to promote within the desktop News Feed, but not on mobile where tabs aren’t accessible. An iOS or Android developer, however, would want to choose mobile only.

I’m eagerly anticipating tonight’s round of testing options with this new ad format. Are you currently running Facebook ads? Why or not? Have you tested this new mobile ad format yet this afternoon?



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