Affiliates – Here's How To Survive Google's Panda Update 3.9

I just got back into the office and had 4 Skype messages from Revived Media affiliates asking what they should do about the latest update from Google (that’s Panda 3.9) for anyone that keeps up with that dumb crap. Friday night, Big G decided to go ahead and spit out a preview of the SEO changes to come:

Google Panda 3.9

Now according to rumors, when these updates roll-out, they typically are said to effect only around 1% of search results. Considering I just got 4 Skypes asking what I would do in this situation, it’s clear that 1% of Google is a rather large number. Everyone seems to think there is something “quick” that they can do to fix that. Well, for the sake of never having to answer another Google Panda question (ever), I thought I would throw out my thoughts.

First off, here’s how I feel about Google in the simplest terms I can put it. Umm…”Fuck Google.”

Seriously, they have now dropped to the 5th spot as our top referring traffic source even though we rank at the top for some really lucrative keywords. One in particular but I’m not going to go into that. I don’t work at Google and I highly doubt most of the people at Google could even give you a straight answer. There’s just too many variables to consider. However, there’s a little bit of sunshine behind the storm clouds of shit that Google throws at webmasters each month.

Read this to understand more. It’s Google giving out tips and guidance on how to building higher-quality sites. Print it out if SEO is your thing and hang it up on the whiteboard.

Now for most affiliates, they simply will ignore this. To give you an instance of how lucrative a high-quality site is (which I consider IMGrind) and so does Google apparently – it took Ryan, myself and the rest of the Grind team to cross the $1,000,000.00 profit mark in less than 12 months. Our income from here continues to climb steadily upwards each and every month which is funny because we have been posting less and less publicly and concentrating more on the private forums.

Would you sacrifice 12 months for $1,000,000.00 in profit? Better yet, not rely on Google rankings to accomplish this?

For everyone attending Grind Session East 2012 or grabbing a DVD recording, you’ll see EXACTLY how we did it. I’ll be revealing the mind-map and strategy we used to accomplish this.

Now for affiliates, the time to build an authority site is now. It’s only going to get tougher and tougher out there and sacrifices you make now could very well pay off huge by the end of the year.

If you want a quick solution outside of taking your website SERIOUS here’s all I can offer you:

  • Go through your website right now and remove or start improving any content that is of low quality. Just because you wrote it, doesn’t mean it’s high quality. I know this all too well. Try to think about – What’s In It For Them” as you add content. If you do that, you can keep your content focused on users. The more reliable and addictive your content, the more useful you become – the better chance you have at being rewarded for your efforts.
  • Only put out content on your site that is relevant and balanced and actually offers REAL value. An easy way to do this is – simply go to the search results and look at what the competitors are doing on their sites and what type of content they are publishing. Compare your content to theirs.
  • Always keep the outbound links flowing. Don’t be afraid of linking to other relevant and useful content from your site to someone else. So many affiliates get this wrong. If you limit your outbound links just to your affiliate links then your strategy is flawed. Google has hundreds if not thousands of engineers who can easily pick up on this and that’ s probably AFTER the Indexing bots already knock your lights out with Google’s complicated Algorithms.
  • Make all content nice, neat, well-written, formatted correctly and with mobile users consuming more mass media than ever, make the content – easily to scan quickly.
  • Finally – from here on out, get it through your head that it is about quality and not quantity. A good indicator of producing quality content is to have social sharing links throughout your website so that when a user finds an interesting piece of content or something useful, they can easily share it with their friends and others.

It’s not a magical pill but Ryan and myself have lived by these simple principles that most affiliates tend to either overlook or just refuse to put in the time and effort. Don’t be that affiliate!



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    The way these two algorithms (Panda vs Penguin) reward completely different metrics makes it really hard to rely on Google for any kind of steady traffic. Panda seems a little easier to work with, because all you really need to do is write unique content, add some media to the mix, and make sure you aren't making silly errors in spelling and grammar.

    Oh, and not every page needs an affiliate link! Not everyone is trying to buy something, and if every URL on a domain is just another sales page Google and the visitors alike will be annoyed. Affiliates should ask themselves how their pitch is any different than the hundreds of others put out by affiliates before them. What new knowledge or interpretation have they brought to the table? Panda is going to look out for these things in a big way!
    My recent post Pandas and search chaos – escaping the storm

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