About IMGrind

Ryan Gray | Ralph RuckmanWelcome Grinder,

We’re glad you’re here! That’s me (Ryan Gray) on the left and I’m (Ralph “Ruck” Ruckman) on the right. We are the Cofounders here at the IMGrind Blog. We are also the Cofounders of the Revived Media Mobile User Acquisition Network, iMobiTrax Mobile Ad Tracking Software & Jinx Mobile Content.

Although we are multi-business owning nerds with tattoos, we are Entrepreneurs down to the very core of our souls. We focus heavily on building our brain, body & business to increase our health, wealth & happiness. What we learn along the way, we like to give back to you, the Grinders. The blue collar ones. The ones with the potential to break free of the rat race and accomplish their goals and achieve their dreams. That’s what we do here, that’s what we share here. This is IMGrind.

 Here Is What IMGrind Is All About

Ryan & I (Ruck) help Entrepreneurs become successful with their digital businesses. I’ve been working online exclusively since 2007 while Ryan has been online exclusively since 1998. In the years we did not know each other, we both ran multiple, successful businesses online.

The best way to describe IMGrind is that it’s a brotherhood & sisterhood of marketers, advertisers & entrepreneurs who connect together in one central forum with the sole purpose of helping each other achieve better health, wealth & happiness by building their brain, body & businesses.

IMGrind is moderated with the help of our partners Bill Bradow cofounder with us at Revived Media & iMobiTrax and Brent Dunn cofounder of Jinx Mobile Entertainment and our Agency leader at Revived Media.

We realize that words are meaningless and actions are worth everything in this fast paced, competitive, high tech world of backstabbers, jealous bigots & energy vampires out there trying to suck the life out of you…So we won’t insult your intelligence.

Or waste your time. Time is money. If there’s one thing you can count on…it’s that we will not waste either of yours.

But it’s not about us, it’s about you. And if you have ever wanted to:

  • Create and operate a successful internet and/or mobile business
  • If you want to become financially independent
  • If you want to attain all of your desires
  • Learn how to build successful lead generation programs
  • Learn how to own & operate successful affiliate marketing programs
  • Learn what it really takes to build successful business online

If you want…”insert whatever here,” …we are here to help guide you on your journey! :-)

To sum it up, we help you achieve more health, wealth & happiness by building your brain, body & business. It’s what we live and operate by and thousands of people from across the globe have utilized what we teach to build their own successful business ventures.


The IMGrind forum has grown to 4,200+ members with new, exciting & insightful people joining every day. There’s a unique blend of “work ourselves to the bone” entrepreneurs who make IMGrind the purpose driven community that it has become.

Simply put, people who join IMGrind are usually the high caliber type of people who are driven by purpose, self-motivated and open not only to our knowledge & expertise…but also engaged with other members who share their own unique skill sets, knowledge & strategies. This is how you succeed with IMGrind. Aligning yourself with people who will help accelerate your health, wealth & happiness by building your brain, body & businesses.

Topics discussed and taught inside IMGrind include (but not limited to) affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, lead generation, mobile advertising, productivity, motivation, social media, case studies, follow alongs, webinars, videos & more.

Whether you are new and have never started your own business, or you’re already a multi-millionaire success story, there is something immensely valuable about becoming a member with IMGrind. At least, that’s what our members say.

With that said, here’s some testimonials and reviews.

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If none of that is of any interest to you, we wish you success in everything you do.

Thanks for reading! :-)

Talk Soon

~Ruck & Ryan