A.D.P. – Adapt, Develop, Progress

Mr. Ruckman came up with an acronym that I find myself using time-and-time again.  It’s something that is so relevant to the affiliate marketing industry it’s definitely worth understanding and taking to heart.  Three letters: A.D.P. stand for Adapt, Develop, and Progress

I talk to a lot of publishers everyday.  I have for many years and have been able to really gain an understanding of what is working.  Being an affiliate marketer you have to understand that business on the Internet is a lot different than being in a “bricks and mortar” business.  Things change very fast and a month online can almost be compared to a year in other businesses.  Campaigns come and go and get hot and cold fast. Therefore to be successful you have to be willing to adapt to change quickly, work efficiently, and capitalize in a short period of time.  Just because the same campaign doesn’t work that did the previous week doesn’t mean that something else isn’t hot and ready to rock out.

After you’ve made the decision to adapt to change without looking back you have to develop.  This is accomplished by one major trait: creativity.  Your affiliate manager at any trusted CPA network should be able to inform you on-the-fly about what offers are working that very day.  Listen to them and use them as a tool to get creative to pitch the offer to your traffic.  Personally I work with some of the largest publishers at Convert 2 Media and the ones that take the information to heart, listen to what I say, see a constant flow of record profits monthly.  You HAVE to be willing to step out of that comfort zone though and develop something new.  Just because landing page format A worked for one campaign doesn’t mean it’s going to work for the next.

You’ve made the decision that you’re going to adapt, roll-with-the-punches, you’re going to develop a winning strategy, and now you’re ready to progress.  This is the phase where you’re implementing everything in the last two steps and experience the results of being a dynamic person.  The top “Super Affiliates” or people that make the most money working online aren’t necessarily the smartest.  They’re the people who can apply this strategy to move forward with whatever is hot at any given time.

Close-mindedness in this business creates failure.  If you’re going to sustain a business on the Internet you’re going to have to become a very open-minded person who’s willing to apply the A.D.P. acronym and do it efficiently.  Don’t cry over spilled milk.  Sometimes things can stop for no logical reason, you have to accept it and move forward!

Are you ready to apply this strategy?  Are you already applying it?


  1. […] It’s hard to believe today makes one month that we launched a Community for elite Affiliates, Advertisers, and Entrepreneurs.  Some affiliates feel that the “rebill” bubble has burst and profits will never be the same again.  This couldn’t be a more ignorant and narrow-minded statement as I continue to break new records monthly.  We strongly believe in A.D.P. – Adapting, Developing, and Progressing. […]

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