9 Tips To Help You Win Arguments In Business

If you are an online marketer and a business owner, you have to make decisions from time to time that not everyone will agree with. It comes with the territory. You might even get in arguments. Some people enjoy a good argument, others prefer to avoid them at all costs. Personally, I don’t mind an argument, but I like to win (even if it’s just in my own mind, lol). Keep in mind that winning can be a little subjective, sometimes both parties will come away thinking they have won.  Here is a list of tips to help you win your arguments.

– Don’t take it personally. Disagreements can become personal and emotional very quickly. It’s not you, separate yourself from the “position”.

– Don’t just assume there is a disagreement, listen to the other party and then decide. Sometimes there is common ground that you are not even aware of. Listen first then ask questions before making your point.

-Always be professional. Treat others with respect and you will likely be treated with respect (not always, some jackwagons won’t reciprocate). People have a tendency to respond in kind. If you are angry and bitter, the person you are talking too will likely be as well. If you are happy and smiling, often, it can ease a tense situation and help the argument along towards a resolution.

– Use a lower voice. It can reduce tension and make the other person listen more closely. It can also make them pay attention when they would otherwise be thinking about their rebuttal.

– Think before you speak. There are no “take backs” if you say something really bad, it’s done, you can’t take it back so think before you speak.

– Argue from a position of power. Know what you are talking about and be clear on your position. If you are not ready to engage, don’t do it. Defer until you have time to prepare.

– Agree to disagree. I don’t agree with everyone I do business with. Sometimes it’s better to just agree that you don’t agree and focus on constructive parts of your relationship.

– Paraphrase or repeat the other persons point of view prior to counter-arguing. This helps both parties understand where you are coming from and helps you stay on point.

– When you are done arguing, let it go. Be done with it. A great way to win is to make your point and move on. If you continue to stew about something, you are only hurting yourself, because quite honestly, the person you were arguing with has only themselves to deal with. It is likely that they have other fish to fry and have moved on.


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