8 Tips To Get More Click Throughs On Twitter

Twitter is one of the main tools in our social media marketing toolbox. One of the best ways to use Twitter is to broadcast useful information and links to a targeted audience of people who care about what you have to say. As with any tool, it’s a g

ood idea to optimize its use so that you get the most out of it that you can. To that end, if you are spreading your useful and valuable information with a link back to your site, wouldn’t it be great if you could figure out how to get the most clicks possible? You can, it’s right here, keep reading.

Here are 8 tips from Dan Zarella, from HubSpot that could help you vastly improve your click through rate on tweets. Check them out.

– Write tweets between 120 and 130 characters.

– Place links approximately 25% of the way through the message.

– Less might be more. For every link beyond 1 per hour max, clicks go down substantially.

– Use the right words – Via, @, RT all are good choices.

– Act like Paper.li – Tweets with the phrase “daily is out” increased ctr substantially.

– Use action words more – Verbs and adverbs are better than nouns and adjectives.

– Tweet on the weekends.

– Tweet later in the day.

The infographic below shows each of these ideas graphically, check it out.



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