7 Types Of Content You Need To Be Creating To Boost Your Authority

I think anyone with a website over the last 24 months will agree – a lot has changed. I mean a lot. From Google’s Penguin and Panda’s relentless updates, to the rise of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ etc.. – Search Engine Optimization is so much more than just optimizing for Google or Bing alone anymore. There are just too many other factors to consider.

But that’s not what this post is about. With all the changes going on within the Search Engines and Social Network, one thing has all remained the same.

The same 7 personally for me actually. 7 what? The 7 types of content I offer up on all of my websites.

Now there are many types of content to produce, I’ve tried way more than 7. However, these 7 have always remained consistent for me, on every platform I’ve interacted with.

Now if you haven’t heard about how content marketing can help your inbound marketing campaign, this is either your first read here on IMGrind, or you’ve been living under a rock.

When it comes to running Company (or even personal) blogs, and handling your social media strategies it can be easy to find yourself lost in knowing – which type of content to even offer?

Well, there are 7 that I have used (still do) heavily over the last 5 years:

  • Blogs
  • Ebooks
  • Email + RSS
  • Infographics
  • Images
  • App Content
  • Hubs (Mobile Hub IMGrind)

Blogs – It goes with out saying. IMGrind, Revived Media and iMobiTrax all have Industry relevant blogs attached to them. For the most part, all of them offer up free reports and guides, along with blogs posts, images, infographics, the mobile hub is attached to all 3 properties and the App content from Revived Media and iMobiTrax is also available in the IMGrind Apps.

Ebooks – They may seem cheesy to sum, but sometimes I still want to read just a plain ole pdf. Also, I’ve authored over 100+ PDF’s over the last half-decade. Some of the best ones we offer for free here on the IMGrind blog including the Facebook Ads Guide, Media Buying Guide, Affiliate Marketing Guide and Mobile Marketing Guide have been downloaded thousands of times.

Email + RSS – To be straight up here, I’m in the middle of importing my Feedburner Email RSS Newsletter subscribers into my Aweber account. I have about 12,000 on my lists in the Internet Marketing (various niches) so I just want to get it all stream-lined to Aweber on all 3 of my blogs right now. Email broadcast after every 3 posts here on IMGrind and a large hand-written Friday Newsletter round-up keep the blog broadcast subscribers much more in tune and responsive with an email newsletter versus just being listed by a headline in their RSS Feed Reader.

Infographics – Well infographics really exploded onto our Industry’s scene over the last year and I swear the masses still haven’t caught onto the value of an infographic. It’s visual learning. I’m a visual learner. I see it once, do it and I can repeat it over and over. So I tend to post a lot of them here at IMGrind and in the Private Forums. I feel they are one of the fastest learning tools out there. I’ve gone and gotten a Piktochart account and have been creating them for myself. Once I published my own, I saw the full effect of people re-publishing my infographics on their websites, blogs and even in their email newsletters and shared on their social networks. Yes, infographics are huge.

Images – It wasn’t until I got a Instagram account after getting a Pinterest account this year that – “photo marketing” seemed so impactful. It absolutely 100% is. I’ve used Instagram for awhile photo marketing but gave up on it, it’s a mess over there right now. I’m hoping it will get cleaned up in the near future. Pinterest has driven a ton of social media hits from infographics posted on our Pinterest account. Honestly, I don’t do much Pinterest now as I’m going deep on the big 4 – Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+.

App Content – This just goes without saying. We cover a variety of topics such as Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, PPC, Mobile Marketing, Lead Generation, Email and others…that I wanted to create a very organized, easy-to-surf and navigate – mobile app. I did that with the IMGrind iOS and Android Apps. I was able to burn categories of Content from IMGrind and display them in a mobile app environment in very relevant and specific categorized icons of content.

Hubs – Props goes out to Hubspot for this idea. Basically, a hub of information concentrated heavily towards educating on a subject. In this specific case, I’m linking to here, this is our mobile marketing hub which is on the navigation bar of IMGrind, Revived Media and iMobiTrax. The mobile marketing hub includes, Links to a lot of our important resources such as a mobile ad network news aggregator, our mobile cpa network, our mobile tracking platform, our mobile marketing guide, our mobile advertising guide and a couple of videos including: Getting started with Mobile Affiliate Marketing and Getting started with Mobile CPA Marketing tips.

I still feel there is a ton of advantages to being allowed to send email daily with your latest blog posts, as well as there are enough serious people in the market to still read blog posts and ebooks. If there wasn’t, I simply wouldn’t do them. Infographics and images have started to revolutionize the WAY we are sharing content, but we are still sharing content and over half of it is images per post. App content to satisfy my mobile enthusiasts and of course a heavily-content marketing hub. Basically, people who use that hub are literally the fastest ones to success in working with us over at Revived Media our Mobile CPA Network.

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