7 Ways To Motivate Yourself And Be Kickass

It’s starting to warm up around here and with that comes summer sun, fun and just the tranquility of a new season. Now if you are like me, you may be feeling like a polar bear coming out of hibernation. I’ve seriously been slacking on the diet and exercise and have to end that starting today. So a few things I’ve added to my daily routine which you could consider adding to your own routine to stay motivated are:

1. Condition yourself mentally – This is my most important tip. Cut bullshit out of your life, train yourself to think positively and condition yourself to avoid negativity at all cost. Seriously, if you have to cut some friends and/or family down in the process, do it.

2. Get Healthy Physically – Start walking, running, just do something. As marketers, these damn chairs get uncomfortable no matter what. It’s better to have your spine straight up and down. Personally, I’ve got a trek desk which I recently started walking back on. In a 10 hour workday online, I still get 5 miles+ of walking in.

3.  Go past your limits daily – Heck yea, you can set goals, by all means! However, don’t just settle for meeting your goals, rather start exceeding them!

4. Don’t put a lot of thought into “success” – That’s right. I’ve seen a lot of businesses online whom I thought were successful only to be the latest company taken out by a lawsuit. Success can cause complacency and complacency my friends, well let’s just put it this way…is a definitive deal-killer.

5. Avoid assholes – At all cost. Kind of goes with number but definitely single out all those assholes you know and remember their faces. Remember to drop contact with them. The only contact you should have is that ever-so clear moment when you remember the shitty things that person has done or said.

6. Look for people like-minded – Surround yourself with upbeat, successful and motivated people. Their positive energy will rub off onto you and you can literally imitate their success and strategy. This causes and instant moral boost.

7. Perfectionism is the 1st loser – Build with people in mind that you want to service. Then when you service them, they’ll provide all the information, feedback and criticism you need to use and make your company that much better. Strive for excellence (that’s what Wal Mart says) rather than unachievable.

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