7 Tips For Facebook Ad Targeting

Smart targeting can be the difference between success and failure when advertising on Facebook. Advertisers often complain about inconsistent ad approvals and account problems when using Facebook, but it’s still an excellent and very large platform for marketers.

The ads are not quite just display, they have a picture and a subject line and text. They are also not search since because that’s not what people are doing when they see your ads. They are ads built specifically for the platform and can work with proper targeting.

Along with ad design, the demographic and targeting options on the platform are key to the success of advertisers. I think it’s true that with complexity comes power. There are a lot of different options you can choose from, but if you are willing to put in the time to figure out what works, it can be very powerful. Below are some ways to use Facebooks targeting that might give you some ideas for your own advertising campaign.

Target people that like something similar to what you are advertising. You can do this by using the interest options in the dashboard.

Target singles and genders. Obviously dating ads should be targeted correctly on both of these options, but also things that are relevant to those groups. Think about all the things men like and the different things women like.

Target the competition. You can target people who are connected to a brand or person. Use this to offer an alternative and a reason to switch.

Target brides. You can target women from single to engaged or engaged to married. Women who are about to get married are buying a lot of stuff.

Target referrals. You can target friends of fans or those people that like your brand page.

Target by location. Advertisers can get pretty geographically tight and it can really help you tweak a campaign when you start matching offers and ad copy to geography.

Target friends of connections. This is great for social proof as it shows users which of their friends already like an app, event or page.

As you are building your campaign, keep the targeting in mind and keep it relevant, it will definitely pay off.

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