5 Badass Tips On How To Dominate A Traffic Source

There are two steps to dominating any traffic source:

1. Close out or degrade your competition (shut them down completely if you can)
2. Get as much exposure as you can (traffic)

When you find a traffic source that works, you have got to scramble and find ways to keep out the competition and scale that campaign to get as much volume as possible. Now, you would be surprised but I’ve seen a ton of affiliates make the mistake of sitting on their asses once they get there. Don’t do this. When something is working, you have to take full advantage of it, and take advantage of it right then and there.

It really doesnt matter if you have copy-cats stealing landing pages or even promoting the same offers as you because with traffic, they aren’t going anywhere.

Here are a few ways to dominate a traffic source.

1. Multiply Yourself – Become Your Own Competition – Even I’ve done this with Adwords and Bing. Basically, I clone myself but with different information, servers, ip’s, landing page styles and even offers but the goal is the same here – I want to create multiple accounts wherever I can and become my own competitor that way, no matter what, I get all the clicks/impressions (or at least most of them).

2. You Can Always Spend More – I wouldnt suggest you go into bidding wars with competitors, especially smart ones however if your profit margins are high, you can strategically cut into them and take a low ROI to get more volume. Over time sales will accumulate and if you are pre-selling with an optin landing page, you can turn your email data into higher lifetime customer values. By bidding more, you could potentially force some of the competition out hitting two birds with one stone here.

3. There Can Be Only One (Hopefully) – I’ve seen this many times in the Performance Marketing Space where large advertisers will sign “back-door” deals with an Adnetwork to become an “exclusive” advertiser meaning nobody else can outbid them and even advertise the same offer/products. If you can accomplish this and get in on one of these deals, they can be pure gold. You will have to negotiate and set yourself apart from the rest of the competition here. Try giving the network more money, pay more frequently and if you can, Pre-Pay them that way they are getting the money even before you or anyone else advertises.

4. Pre-Pay For Traffic – I just mentioned this above but if you can enter into a contract or sign an insertion order to pre-buy your traffic from a traffic source, who wouldnt take a deal like that? It may not work ALL the time but if you can demonstrate that you have the cash-flow and organization to buy traffic even before it’s delivered, then you demonstrate confidence and responsibility and you will most likely be taken more seriously.

5. Bring In Partners When Necessary – Ok I’m just going to briefly touch on this because the marketing world is full of snakes, and I’ve met my fair share of them. If you have someone you can ABSOLUTELY trust, bring the details of the campaign to them and see if they can get in on the action. Now, take that with EXTREME caution because you will be sharing everything to a winning campaign MOST IMPORTANTLY a traffic source that works.

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