4 Tips For Creating Great Squeeze Pages

In order to convince people to provide their contact information via their name and their email address you need a landing page that will persuade them to do just that. There are 4 elements every opt-in form must have in order to convert your visitors into subscribers and this article describes how to create a page that builds a targeted email list that will make you money for years to come:

1. As with most pages online you must have an attention getting headline to capture your visitor’s attention. You have a very short period of time to peak their interest so having a title that jumps out at your guests is a must. This caption should reinforce the strongest benefit of your product or service in order to be effective.

Your headline should be tailored toward your target audience so as to entice them to read more about your offer. One of the most successful approaches is to appeal to your audience’s emotions. For example, if your target group is home business owners your title could state: “95% of new home businesses online fail. This free report outlines how to avoid becoming a statistic.” Tell them in a short and to the point fashion what they’ll be receiving.

2. Your opt-in box should stand out on your page and should be very easy to identify in terms of what its objective is and what your visitor is supposed to do. People have to be told what to do next and how to do it and a well-defined opt-in box will make this process very easy. Make it the center of attention on your page with 2 separate sections for your guest’s name and email address.

3. Outline in a bullet list type format what the benefits are for anyone who joins your list. Once again these advantages should be clear and concise and to the point so the reader understands immediately what they’ll be getting in return for their name and email address. Some of these people are bombarded with offers on a daily basis so it’s sometimes difficult to convince them to join yet another list; and for this reason try to make your benefits as attractive as possible.

4. Always provide a statement outlining the privacy and security measures you have taken to safe guard your visitor’s personal information. During these times of identity theft and fraudulent activity people are very conscious of the importance of protecting their vital information and if you fail to recognize this you may be losing subscribers you would have otherwise had opt-in.

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