3 Cool Ways To Get People To Notice Your Ads

One of the hardest things about brand advertising is that you cannot make up for lack of creativity with high media volume. Advertisers have to constantly compete for users’ attention and make sure their ads stands out from the mediocre “just OK” standard banners that users face every day. Seriously, in this day an age with the extraordinary amount of advertisers realizing the potential of the internet, the more creative and interactive you are, the better off you will be.

As a marketer, whether your a brander or just looking to get some new sources of eyeballs to your offering, if you don’t stand out…you stand behind. When it comes to advertising dollars (especially heavy-branding), second place is the first loser. Here are a 3 ideas I’ve saved on my hard drive that have caught my attention over the last few months. I’ll explain what I like about the ads and how they engage people in a unique way that made their advertising campaigns stand out from their competitors.

Gaming Advertisers – Invite others to play:

Do you remember playing on the playground at school? That shit was fun as hell wasn’t it. Well, the same goes for online gamers looking to brand themselves. Check out this interactive ad from Nestle. It’s a depiction of a virtual reality game that allows you to drive a bike by moving your head. The webcam on the computer identifies the movements of the player and steers the bike left and right. It’s easy to play for hours.

Interactivity – Make it “catchy”

The interactive trailer for Avatar (image below) took interactivity to the next level. The trailer starts with the beautiful vistas of the planet Pandora. As the trailer plays, users can click on it and explore the fauna of the planet, the weapons shown in the movie, and many other features. Each time you click on an item in the trailer, it stops and a window opens with the option for the user to explore further. Once the user clicks on the banner and is taken to Avatar’s minisite, the user can create a full avatar in his or her image.

I can honestly remember just 3 ads from movies that have stood out in my mind and this is one of them. This was actually #2, the Paranormal Activity 2 ad was just in a league of its own. I wish I had save it, it was truly remarkeable.

This ad promotes the DVD for Avatar and targets users who are already Avatar enthusiasts. It is a great way to draw in users by providing more information and more value. Avatar’s creative team went far beyond just putting a trailer in a banner.

Sex sells, always has, always will

Delivering a sense of a fashion brand or the scent of a perfume both offline and online is challenging. In magazines, advertisers use powerful images that convey the essence of the perfume, such as freshness, a seaside breeze, or love and passion. Magazine advertisers have another advantage since they can append a sample of the scent to get users to try it on the spot. That has the basics of perfume/cologne advertising for years now.

The ad below is from Diesel. I personally wear their jeans and shoes. I pay close attention to their email marketing, especially over the last year. Diesel is starting to stand-out among the many numerous brands of fashion in the world.

At the beginning, a wallpaper ad covers the homepage, and a mid-page unit (MPU) appears in the middle. But once you click on the banner, a full-page homepage takeover opens up, showing a 15-second clip. The clip features a beautiful man and woman playing around with a bottle of perfume. The entire clip is full of sex appeal and suggestive poses that leave little room for imagination.

Diesel has taken some risk due to the highly seductive nature of this ad. Nevertheless, this ad is targeted at the Diesel audience and caters to an image that its young audience looks for and expects from the brand. Young and fashion conscious, the intended audience already likes the Diesel brand, and it can appreciate this ad and image that the brand is trying to sell.

Have you ever noticed where your eyes focus when a page loads? Probably on the top of the page, which appears to be the perfect place to locate a banner. The advantage of the pushdown banner is that it moves the content down, giving more space to the advertisers’ message. Performance data shows that pushdown banners tend to receive ample attention from users. With a dwell rate of 7.7 percent, nearly eight of every 100 impressions will receive an engagement lasting more than one second.

Now as an affiliate and/or performance marketer, use these great ideas to create your own spin-off, interactive display ads and watch your ctr’s soar!

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