2 Ways I Approach CPA Affiliate Marketing

I’ll tell you one thing after a half-decade of owning my own offers, being a publisher for advertisers and of course owning a CPA Affiliate Network, one thing is for sure…You can make ALOT of money REALLY quickly in this game if you got marketing charisma and rabid-fang sharp advertising skills. I’ll be brief here and give you 3 quick tips on how I approach CPA Marketing and running lead generation offers.

First off, we have:

The Crap Shoot – This is what I refer to as the method of creating a few campaigns, typically 5-7 and running them hard for a couple of days. Now, a lot of marketers can’t do this but in the CPA space if you want to make money quickly then you have got to have the cashflow to spend 5, 6, even 7 figures a week. That’s why there are only a handful of performance marketers that generate most of the revenue per network. Something like 20% of your affiliates bring in 80% of your revenue.

The ability to test 5-7 campaigns isn’t easy. It’s an art. Don’t worry, you’ll pick it up over time. Going from different niches forces your psyche to work overtime to generate new ideas, angles, view problems with the target market and ultimately help solve them for the users. If you want it easy and are confident then just grab the top 5 offers off your favorite network and start the barrage. Here’s a couple of examples of what I’m talking about: (sorry we wont’ be revealing these offers publicly. That’s for our private members.)

The Scaler – As the name leads you to believe this is indeed when we focus our efforts on just one offer at a time and just scale the living hell out of it.  When it comes time after finding that “winner”, we put our armor on prepare for battle. We will start running on self-serve networks such as POF, Facebook, Pulse 360, and Adblade and get our optimization down and from there we start heading into some of our coveted direct traffic sources.

With the “scaler” your goal is basically “milk it” until it’s dry. I’ve coached and trained over a dozen publishers who have all made over a million dollars in just one month in performance marketing. With all the networks out there, all the offers, all the dis-information it’s hard to get caught up with a battle plan to start running traffic to your offer.

This is pretty simple. Don’t over complicate it. Don’t over-analyze, just take action and soon you’ll be turning out 6 figure scaler offers out like below within a couple of months:

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