14 Steps To Make A Sales Video That Works

Sales videos are one of the most powerful ways to sell today. They’ve been around for several years

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and a lot of marketers have done really well with them, but for some reason, maybe the feeling that it’s just too difficult, many marketers still haven’t even tried.

There are a lot of moving parts to make a sales video and get it up and running, but it all starts with a good sales video script. If you are starting from scratch, it can be really tough to try to put a script together. Where do you even start?

Below is a 14 step process to make a script that converts. You can do more than this or less, as every situation is different, but if you use this as a guide, you will be well on your way.

14 Steps To A Successful Sales Video

1. Greet the viewer

2. Get their attention (quick hook)

3. Identify what the problem is

4. Quick story to relate to them and explain how you understand “them”

5. Tell them what the solution is

6. Tell them how easy and fast the solution is and how good they will feel once they have it

7. Tell them why you are the person to help

8. Show social proof

9. Give them an offer

10. Add bonuses if any

11. Add scarcity or limited time for the offer if possible

12. Give them a guarantee to reduce risk

13. Call to action

14. Remind them to get off the fence, now is the time to act

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