12 Quick Ways To Increase Your Productivity – Instantly!

As Entrepreneurs, even as just people, we all struggle with productivity from time to time. Working online, it can be really easy to fall back, become uninspired and even burnout. It doesn’t matter who you are – you will experience this if you haven’t already.

Ok so let’s fix that!

“Getting out of a rut can be a challenge unless you implement some realistic strategies to help put you on the right path.” Check out these 12 tips:


What’s your best tip for getting out of a rut and becoming productive again?


  1. Jean Burgess says

    Loved your 12 tips on increasing my productivity (really have to work on the exercise, though!) All of these were great reminders that we often take for granted.

  2. says

    Hi Ralph,

    I take 5 to 10 minute breaks each hour.Pull back. Relax. Effective ideas hit you with ease. Detach from work for a bit. Ease stress. Love the tips here.

    Order your workspace. De clutterize. Take in the pleasant view, create order in your mind. Turbo-charge your productivity. Move into effective action. Achieve more goal-oriented acts in less time.

    Thanks Ralph!

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    • Imgrind says

      Hey Ryan, I usually start my morning out with a 1 mile walk on the treadmill at 4.0-4.2 pace which takes about 12-14 mins. I then head outside and run through the city much harder to get that sweat going. This usually amps me up by raising my dopamine levels and releasing my endorphins. I cannot begin to explain what this alone has done for my productivity. I also break up another mile in the treadmill in quarter mile segments throughout the day and then it's off to weight lift at 4:00pm everyday. On Sunday evenings, I ALWAYS de-clutter. Always. Great tips man thank you!

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