11 Tips To Make Your Content Insanely Shareable

Social media and content marketing have proven to be excellent ways to help marketers  do their job. The growth of social and discovery platforms has changed the advertising landscape dramatically over the last several years and has turned what was once a place marketers had to pay for advertising into a place where providing great content and using the leverage of consumers, who share, works.

Creating good content and getting it shared can build trust, brand awareness, traffic and shorten the buying cycle. Is it easy? That depends on what you compare it to. It takes work and persistence but it can be less expensive and more effective than traditional paid advertising in some instances.

You should start by looking at what other people are sharing and consuming in your target market, what they think is relevant.  Once you get a feel for that, then you need to make sure your content is shareable. Below is a list of 11 suggestions to get you headed in the right direction to make shareable content.  Each of these suggestions can be useful in the right place, but not all of them will work for every market or platform. Use this as a starting point and build from there.

Use humor. People love to share funny stuff.

Make the sharer look smart.

Be controversial. Be careful with this one.

Make it visually appealing. Not every platform supports this, but think about Pinterest and Instagram .

Start a conversation. People get social to communicate, help them.

Make it useful. This one is a no-brainer, the more useful the better.

Make it inclusive. Let the person who shares it feel like part of something bigger than themselves.

Make it unique. Different spins or angles help.

Gossip gets shared. Market gossip can be good but can also be bad, don’t get mired in negativity.

Make it emotional. You can also combine emotion with the other types of content.

Make it motivating. People love motivation and love to share it. Success stories sell.

Once you get started creating content that is shareable, look for platforms to get your message out. There are hundreds of forums and social platforms that allow easy access to huge audiences of people who can share. Below is a list of the current top 10 compiled by Shareaholic, but don’t stop there. Look for forums that are industry specific to your target market and use those as well.

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