11 Demographic Factors That Affect Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

demographic researchAs a mobile marketer, keeping track of demographic factors is very important because they are often the greatest determinants of consumers behavior. If you are not quite sure what demographic factors are, it’s really pretty simple.

Demographic factors in mobile marketing consist of the data points that detail a population’s inherent characteristics.

Here’s an example – Targeting African-American or Hispanic consumers is not about tracking their heritage or skin color. Those are not really that important. What is important – is knowing things like the fact that consumers from these ethnic groups tend to index higher in the use of all mobile services over other ethnicities, or that the types of phones they use are different from other ethnicities.

Here are 11 simple but crucial demographic factors to research and evaluate in your mobile marketing campaigns:

1. Gender: Male or Female

2. Age: Birth date or age range (such as 29-35)

3. Race / Ethnicity: Caucasian, African-American, Asian, Hispanic, Biracial, Multicultural, and so on

4. Religion – Catholic, Muslim, Atheist etc…

5. Occupation: To many options to list but it’s consumers jobs

6. Marital Status: Single, Married, Divorced, Domestic Partnership and so on

7. Number of children: Zero, one, two, three…

8. Level of education: None, High school, Some college, College graduate, Doctorate, life experience, etc…

9. Income: Monetary range (such as $25,000 – $50,000 per year)

10. Nationality: American, French, British, Chinese, etc..

11. Geography: Residence, place of work, and so on.

Have you considered demographic targeting in your mobile marketing campaigns? Why or why not?



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