10 Twitter Tips To Build Your Business

Don’t forget about Twitter, it’s an excellent tool that should be part of any complete social media marketing plan. Recent stats show continued growth with approximately 1 million new accounts added every day check out the infographic with some amazing stats below.

It can be used by itself, but is more powerful as part of an integrated social marketing plan that includes other popular social media networks. Twitter also makes it easy for others to find and engage your business with the right social interaction opportunities. Used correctly, it can drive traffic to your site, help you converse with your audience and peers, help with market intelligence, build your brand and increase your authority, and increase those important social signals in the search engines.

Here are several tips and ideas to help use Twitter more effectively.

Know your target audience and focus on them. Followers don’t mean much unless they are targeted and interested in what you have to say. Peers in your industry and potential customers are a good place to start. Follow them.

Associate your Twitter account with other social and website pages. Facebook, YouTube, your blog, etc. Share buttons where ever you can and make it easy for others to follow you.

Share your valuable content on twitter and also share others valuable content that might be interesting and helpful to others. Remember that not everyone will see your messages so don’t be afraid to send multiple tweets out with the same information on some occasions, but it’s a good idea to change the message up so it looks a little different instead of repeating the same tweet.

Use keywords in your posts and search for relevant keywords to your business to find opportunities. Use the advanced search function to search for phrases or keywords that are relevant. You can see what people are talking about and engage them if it makes sense. It’s a good idea to join the conversation, but remember you will get what you give. If you jump in and start asking for stuff without taking part, your results will be less than they could be with a little work.

Tweet on a schedule and it seems like the more you tweet the better, up to a point. Once a day is probably not enough, but it’s important that you tweet value or at least entertainment. Five times is fine, 10 times is probably ok if you have something to say. I’ve seen businesses that post 20 times a day and it’s OK because people like what they have to say. It is not hard to test this once you get going. If you tweet and people quit following you, you might want to look at frequency and content. Tweeting often can also boost your social signals. Use keywords in your messages.

Automate your Twitter management with Hootsuite. Manage your social accounts, analyze and track what’s going on. Schedule your tweets and share your blog posts so you don’t have to do it manually.

Use #hashtags on relevant keywords so that others searching for tweets about that subject will be able to find it. Don’t just hashtag everything, look at what is relevant to your target audience and include those. What might your audience search for? Tag that.

Be a human. People connect with other people, not with businesses. Humor, pictures, links to videos, anything that will humanize your business and will appeal to your audience is a good idea. Instagram is a good tool for this.

Make it a two way conversation. Listen to what others have to say. Engage others on twitter. Ask questions and learn what your audience cares about.

Take part in conversations around events. Events like tradeshows are great opportunities for more exposure. Before during and after, people will be talking about what is going on where and when. It’s a good way to get more out of Twitter and the event.

Check out the updated Twitter statistics below.


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