10 Reasons Why Facebook Rejects Your Ads

Any marketer that has advertised on Facebook has likely experienced the dreaded and EXTREMELY consistent Facebook Ad Rejections they seem to dish out for MANY obvious reasons…but sometimes – for no apparent reason!

In an effort to create better Facebook ads, keep your account in good-standing and just overall – adhere to the almighty Facebook rules, here’s 10 reasons why Facebook rejects your ads on their Advertising platform.

Write them down, print them out but most importantly – keep them in front of your face the next time you create Facebook ads!

Here are the 10 reasons (in no particular order)

1. Destination Urls – Facebook has developed some explicit guidelines when it comes to where you can send users who click on your ad. Straight from the horse’s mouth “All users must be sent to the same landing page when the ad is clicked. The destination may not include fake close behavior, pop-ups. Ads may only be directed to a website or iTunes (Also Google Play store now!). When linking to iTunes, the text must explicitly say so. Ads may not be directed to any other download such as PDF, PowerPoint, or Word Documents.” (For all you cloakers out here, this would be the silver bullet that knocks your account into termination status…Duh!)

2. Inaccurate Ad Text – Facebook is likely to reject ads that don’t clearly state the company, name, product or offer.

3. Deceptive Discounts & Offers – This really should fall under the “don’t be a moron” rule, but unfortunately there are those marketers who were either – born partially retarded, or just don’t give a fuck. I personally refer to these types of “wanna-be” marketers as DEGENERATES who can’t think on their own. You know the type right? – Floggers and copycats fall right under this category. Wanna-be’s who try to deceive users by making the offer that attracts users, and then giving them something totally different when they click it. This (maybe not at first) but eventually will get your ad tossed by Facebook. Even worse, you could lose your ad account and possibly have your online reputation damaged.

4. Inappropriate Targeting – Why would you even consider spending money on advertising by targeting one group while speaking to another? Target those you want your ad to reach. Simple.

5. Sentence Structure – This is another no-brainer. Use complete sentences. Proper grammar, spelling, and sentence structure will make your ad, and therefore your company and image appear professional.

6. Capitalizing Every Word – Capitalizing every word could give you an unfair advantage over the other ads that are running, however it’s consider (By Facebook) as improper grammar.

7. Capitalizing Entire Words – This is just common sense. Want to scream “SPAM” to Facebook Users? Even if the ad may seem useful to you, people in general are getting smarter towards online Advertising and the capitalization of words make your ads appear spammy.

8. Unacceptable Language – Language can’t be degrading, derogatory, inapropriate, sexual, or profane. (In any nature)

9. Symbols & Numbers – The “new era” of speaking in 140 characters (for both text and now Twitter) has changed how a lot of people word sentences. Instead of full words such as “for” many people will use the number 4 instead. Don’t substitute symbols or numbers for words. Facebook is trigger happy on these types of ads.

10. Irrelevant / Inappropriate Images – Only use images that are relevant to your ad. Also, make sure your images are “clean.” Similar to deceptive discounts, to be stupid here. One of the best ways to not have your ads rejected – Ensure your advertising keeps Facebook safe and fun and a place for people to hang out.



  1. Rinto SP says

    Is such a sentence as “please like & share to your friends” also not allowed in FB Ads? I think my campaign just got disproved because of that. They said I may not “call out like” or something.

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