1 HUGE Tip To Avoid Crappy Mobile Traffic

Did you catch my first post on mobile click fraud? If you haven’t, you really should before reading this so you understand where I’m coming from. You see, mobile click fraud is rampant. Like, seriously, it’s the fucking plague of the mobile advertising industry. With so many ways to game the system, it was only a matter of time before we saw the explosion in mobile ad networks that we have seen from 2010 – currently. It seems like a new network pops up every single week! Or at the very least, one gets bought out and a merger happens. What you don’t see is some of the bullshit behind the scenes. Catch yourself up on mobile click fraud so that you can use this tip to your full advantage the next time you approach a mobile ad network to buy traffic from.

Here’s the tip, you ready?


That’s it. Simple.

When approaching a mobile ad network, you never want to approach as an affiliate marketer. Matter of fact, I don’t suggest doing that anywhere honestly. Represent yourself as an advertising agency with a variety of clients whom are looking to buy only “premium” mobile traffic from. You see, “Premium” is a code word in the mobile marketing and advertising industries that really means:

“Don’t send me shit. Only send the good stuff.”

Typically you cannot buy premium traffic from mobile ad networks because representing yourself as an affiliate “the little guys” is a lot less impressive to ad network reps versus representing yourself as “an advertising agency with a variety of clients” with deep pockets, looking to run a test on the ad network’s “premium” mobile traffic.

Hope that helps. Mobile marketing and advertising has some different lingo in their industries but it really all means the same thing. Use it and good luck!

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