1 Marketing Rule, To Rule Them All

Did you know that a lot of the best content marketing doesn’t even live on a business’s websites? It’s actually out on external sites attracting eyeballs. External content marketing is a low-cost (sometimes no cost) way to help build awareness, distribute information, connect with and serve customers, and boost sales.

If there is ever one marketing rule I’ve always tried to tell people then it’s got to be this:

Tell them.

Tell them what you told them.

Then tell them one more time.

Multiple placement offers more exposure and more likelihood of a meaningful impact. And, quite frankly, I’m all about the meaningful impact.  Just never make assumptions that content published in one place will be viewed. Online marketers have to make their message available for their current and prospective customers in many formats. People read emails, then delete them. If it was memorable and they want the information later on, they will likely go online or to a website to follow up. If web user’s can’t find the info again somewhere else, marketers may lose them and that’s not good customer service.

Re-Communicate and make marketing consistent. Does the website look like the blog? Do emails look like the website? In most cases, design consistency is important. Be mindful of branding and positioning to show professionalism, and ensure that consistency is in place to make the most of the content.

Here are some external venues to consider as part of your coordinated content marketing strategy:

  • Online press releases
  • video sites
  • white paper sites
  • guest posts on industry blogs
  • guest blogs on popular sites for your audience
  • radio shows or podcasts
  • Social media sites
  • Online newspaper guest columns
  • online trade magazines
  • consumer magazines in a topic area
  • affiliate marketing
  • how to sites
  • article marketing sites

Most of these opportunities are free of charge, as long as content adheres to the guidelines. Posting content needs to be done where there is a clear value presented. Test, track and put energy into the areas that drive traffic and sales. Make the content count so you can count on external publishing as a way to build awareness, share information, connect, serve and sell!


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