Why Direct Response Marketers Need Reputation Management, Now More Than Ever

Rich Gorman and the team from DirectResponse.net sent over an awesome post on Reputation Management. Now more than ever, as marketers online, Reputation is #1. We guard ours dearly. Rich along with the rest of the team have in my opinion the best blog in the direct response marketing industry. Stop by, bookmark, add their RSS Feed but most importantly, take fucking notes in what they say. They know what their doing and they are at the top of the Reputation Management Industry with their ReputationChanger.com.

Consumers in the Internet Era are hardly starved for choice. In fact, if there’s one way in which online technology has totally transformed the way we do commerce, it’s in the endless array of options that now lay before us all. Whether you’re looking to buy a face cream or a world-class SEO service, you’ve got plenty of selections to choose from. So how does a marketer make his or her products stand out from the crowded field? The answer lies in online reputation management.

Think of it this way. You may be trying to win conversions for Product X, but Product X may be one of several dozen offers that are all pretty close to the same. In the old days, a marketer may have sought to convince patrons that Product X was the best, the cheapest, or whatever else. Now, it takes something more drastic—convincing consumers that Product X is the brand of choice, period.

Managing Complaints

Being known as the brand of choice is tough, of course, when the Web is cluttered with online complaints about your direct response offer. But that’s where the services offered by a reputation management company are so invaluable. Reputation management companies can suppress those complaints, effectively burying them under a barrage of positive content that makes your offers shine.

This has a kind of a domino effect. One of the cardinal rules of reputation management is that people like to do what other people have done. If a consumer is on the fence about your direct response offer, and sees that other consumers have left complaints or bad reviews, that consumer is much more likely to leave a complaint of his or her own. But if no complaints can be found, that consumer will be a lot less likely to go out on a limb and badmouth your offer.

In effect, then, suppressing online complaints—through reputation management—powerfully stops further complaints from happening.

Reputation Management, Refunds, and Chargebacks

And that tenet—that consumers do what other people have already done—holds true in other ways. Online complaints or negative reviews can sway their opinions in more ways than one. Seeing that other people have been dissatisfied with your offer can make consumers much more likely to ask for a refund or a chargeback. So again, suppressing these complaints can prove powerfully effective for direct response marketers—and a reputation management company can help you do it.

Becoming the Brand of Choice

But reputation management doesn’t just stop complaints and chargebacks from rolling in against your direct response offer. It can have a very positive effect in other ways, even radically improving your conversions.

Here we return to our original point, which is simply that consumers have a lot of options to sort through. Why in the world would they choose to spend money on your direct response offer? Well, they’d do it if your offer was seen as the preferable option among consumers. They’d do it if your offer had a sterling reputation for excellence, with nary a complaint or nasty review to be found.

That’s what reputation management can do for your direct response offer. It effectively shapes public opinion, making the selection of your offer seem like a no-brainer, even in a crowded field. Enlisting a reputation management firm is one of the very best ways to send your conversion rates through the roof.

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