The Secret To Beating Distractions In 2014

These days, we have more distractions than ever. From Media, Advertising, Social Proof, Technology and more, we’ve never had so many things combat our minds for control. And when I say control, just think about the last time you might have spaced out during and infomercial, got caught up in some Facebook drama or found yourself submerged in a sea of hot chicks with tattoos on Instagram.

I feel ya. I’ve been there. If you don’t do this and your focus is laser targeted. Congratulations! It’s an every day battle of endless thoughts, ideas, strategies, monetization plans, media buying plans and other shit constantly battling for my psyche. Let’s tack on the fact that I write for numerous publications, attend conferences all over the world, spend time with my 3 kids, eat right (lately!), work out and whatever pass time I love. (I like the movie theater).

But, one of the biggest distractions in my lifetime has been technology. From devices to social media to porn, I’ve seen more Entrepreneurs reach out for my help on trying to eliminate these problems over the last 12 months, than any other topic. Technology isn’t just a compulsion anymore. For some people, technology has become an addiction. If you’re a regular reader here, then you already know I’ve faced my own addictions. I’ve got a real nasty obsessive compulsive side that makes me jump in balls first, before asking. Just the way I am. Some people call me an addict, although I don’t do illegal drugs (anymore). Some call me an adrenaline junkie. I just prefer to do shit that I don’t personally know the answers to.

The term you have to see it, to believe it. I live by that. If I don’t experience it myself, you’re better off finding a monkey fucking a football than to ingrain what you have to say in my brain. It’s not that I’m trying to be rude, I just simply choose to do shit on my own.

Which led me to today’s lesson Grinders – The Secret to Beating Distractions In 2014

No, it’s not in the form of coffee either. My god, quite the opposite! Don’t even get me started on the detrimental effects of pro-longed caffeine intake and use on our nervous systems. Shit like that, will make you take a whole different approach to coffee and caffeine. Which I’ve got plenty of years supplementing with much longer stimulants, (Coke, Amphetamines, Speed).

Anyway, the secret to beating distractions doesn’t lie in the foods you eat. It’s not in the supplements you take. It’s not in the raw plants and animals you might be digesting to “consume” their energy source.

The secret to beating distractions is your habits you create and stick to through routines.

Harsh but true. I’ve been managing multiple businesses online long enough to know, it REALLY IS that simple. I don’t care if you are drunk, hungover, high, agitated, sad, depressed, happy as mosquito at a blood rave.

If you had a list of shit you were supposed to do every day, and that list was in front of your fucking face, than unless you somehow become illiterate during your foggy moments, it’s pretty hard to fuck up. Right?

Of course, that just seems to easy. That’s not socially accepted behavior Ruck. Neither is being on a deserted island with the last woman on earth and NOT offering to stir her drink with your dick. But I would damn sure do it.

No shit, go take a look at all the idiots on Social Media and watch how they post and what they post. You will see the most unorganized creatures that crawl over this green earth, fucking up and bitching about the most mundane shit in the word.

Here’s a tip – Get a pen and a notepad. Shit has been around for hundreds of years.

Or if you are a techie, use the notes feature on your phone.

Eating right, mood status, energy levels – nothing of this matters when it comes to distractions. Although, HOW YOU FEEL does reflect on your character, will power and work ethic, I know some of the healthiest people in the world that can’t break video game addictions, social media, porn addictions and mindless web surfing.

I can tell you why you are doing that too. People are mindlessly surfing the Internet for rewards. Porn too. And Social Media.

See as people, we have this need (even greater with technology now!) to socially connect with others. To be accepted. To be heard. To be….wait for it…fucking rewarded!

We crave reward. Praise. Compliments. Why the hell you think (myself included) post on social media websites? LOL! Our moms and dad’s didn’t (although they do now!) but typically our grandparents didn’t do it. We have become a society of people that are running around trying to make ourselves feel good, without truly understanding why you are doing it. Scientifically, we do this because of our dopamine neurotransmitter. In our brains, dopamine is our rewards system. Snorting super-human like amounts of coke back in the day, confirms this for me.

Think about it for a minute. We surf porn to satisfying our craving for arousal. Some use it as a way to connect. Same with social media. How about the last time you bought a mobile phone? Did you Google reviews? Ask your friends? Take to social media? We didn’t do shit like this 10 years ago, and there is really nobody here to guide us on what to do and what not to do. Some of these what not to do’s are so overwhelming, I’ve seen people lose their jobs. I’ve seen Entrepreneurs literally go broke after years of success.

Here’s a scary thing too – the more you use services and products (Devices, Social, Porn)…and the more time they start to habitually alter your everyday behavior – the more your actions become engineered. Quite simply, you will begin to devote more and more time to it and never realize until (You are in deep), if you even do even realize it, how much this shit has taken a hold of your life.

Well, you’re stronger than that and I will be radically honest when I say – You have NO idea how strong you are. You have NO idea how much potential you have by giving up shit that isn’t essential and putting your focus and energy on DOING what IS essential.

Where to go from here? You’ve got about 8 hrs left today to put your life into perspective.

Then starting tomorrow, you’ve got less than just 8,000 total hours left in 2014 to put it into practice.

Considering you sleep, I knocked off 7 hrs daily, so if you worked everyday for rest of the year at 17 hours a day, you’re now down to less than 5,800 hours you can dedicate to doing what’s essential and reaping the rewards from it.

Pay It Forward Thanks!


  1. Tudor says

    I’ll be the first to admit it, I came to this post because you shared in on Facebook.
    What was I doing there? Oh, just replying to some comments on my post about my cold. Then I got to scrolling down to see what else is new. I’m not even sure how long I spent doing that, but it doesn’t matter; it’s stupid. I start my day with FB updates and end it with them, and I allow it to interrupt me a few times a day, when I know my time is limited.
    Will I be going back to FB tonight after reading this? Not likely.
    I’ll get my dopamine from getting stuff knocked off my to do list.
    Thanks Ruck.

    • says

      I’ve been weening myself off Facebook too brother. I completely deleted my Instagram. When I did that, along with all the Fraudulent likes to our FB page in 2013, I can say that max time on their daily over the last two weeks – 10 minutes. I feel a heck of lot better, and I keep my head buried down on growing everything I can during the work hours on my brain, body and business.

  2. Shola says

    Ruck you really should check out these two books which really decode the science behind creating addictive technology. I am happy to I haven’t been on facebook since the 3rd week of November last year!!
    Hooked: A Guide to Building Habit-Forming Product by Nir Eyal -

    Persuasive Technology: Using Computers to Change What We Think and Do (Interactive Technologies) [Paperback]
    B.J. Fogg (Author)

    Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab (hint: Fogg taught the founders of Instagram and top guys at FB….ever wonder why that technology really is addictive)?

  3. says

    You have put the finger on my eye, and on the eye of thousands of people whose working performance is greatly affected by the distractions caused by mobile phone apps like Whatsapp, facebook, twitter and other similar services.

    Having a planned routine to avoid those distractions is crucial in order to take the most out of our working sessions.

  4. pal says

    Glad you got it!

    I get the feeling from your writings your not so bothered by being hated on and its water off a ducks back. You should just count it as a measure of success, as there are many more deeply unhappy and unfulfilled people than otherwise. They are like flies spilling their bile everywhere they land.

    Anyway. Glad I happened upon your blog etc the other day and id like to thank you for the great stuff here. Some real pearls.

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