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I know, it’s been slower than usual on the blog and social media. We’ve been swamped up to the chin in the Private Forums and weekly mobile webinars for Revived Media Affiliates. But, not to fret! At the request of many of you Grinders seeking knowledge about Bitcoin, I present to you my resources list. Create you a folder for these in your bookmarks and start using them. They are the same ones I’ve learned from, (still learning from) so hope you enjoy!

When I first got started with Bitcoin, here’s how I went about it, all linked out to the resources for you. (These links may not be active at some point due to the webmasters). I’ll keep this updated each month with new resources, and delete the old ones, as long as I’m on this Bitcoin and CryptoCurrency kick. :-)

Getting Started With Bitcoin Resources

To start things off here, we should start at the beginning. With Bitcoin pseudo creator Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System PDF. This is where it all began. :-)

After that, if you wanted to skip all the resources below, because you are learning badass, I honestly didn’t need anything more than the Khan Academy Bitcoin Resources.

Bitcoin Reddit – Simply amazing. Nothing else needs to be said. Bitcoin Markets on Reddit is excellent too.

Oditorium UniversityIntroduction to Bitcoins. A great lecture divided into 7 segments. Here’s another link to their Category – Finance – Bitcoin section.

Udemy CourseBitcoin Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Crypto (Say goodbye to February, this is where you will be all through it.)

Bitcoin Github – For Developers

What Is Bitcoin? The 1st Official video I watched:

A handy list of other great sources for Bitcoin content:

  • Bitcoin.org Resources – Start at the very from Bitcoin itself and go through their extensive resources page. This page alone was enough for me to get a miner, set it all up and start mining. This was about 3 months after I began investing with Bitcoin (that I got the miner).
  • Bitcoin Wiki – Self-Explanatory and linked out from the Bitcoin.org Resources above but damn it…it’s the Wiki page! Or as I like to say in my own words, it’s the digital foundation for Bitcoin. :-)
  • Bitcoin Press Center – The experts of Bitcoin (according to the site of course). But, it’s full of super knowledgeable people talking about Bitcoin. Some are authors, writers, podcasters and most of them are active on Twitter. Follow them all that you find interesting.
  • Bitcoin Block Explorer – The Block Chain service allows you to explore Bitcoin block chains. With this tool, you can look up your own addresses and check for incoming Bitcoin payments, or you can spy on other people by looking at their Bitcoin addresses to see how many Bitcoins they have. You can track payments and transactions with the BlockChain too if you want to know where the Bitcoins and Bitcoin address went.
  • Bitcoin Foundation – Basically the Bitcoin Foundations goal (according to their website) is to be involved with developing a more open economy. I like that statement a lot, however you know me…everything I read is with a ton of salt on top. Still an excellent starting point to get viewpoints from people talking about Bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin Talk Forum – It’s the mother of all Bitcoin forums. So if you’re not a member, you’re missing out.
  • How To Bitcoin – Howtobitcoin.info is a motherload of awesome resources. I don’t have to say much, go to the page, and enjoy the rest of your day eyeball deep in Bitcoin awesomeness.
  • We Use Coins – I think with just this resource alone (along with Bitcoin.org) it’s really all we need these days. In fairness, I want to list everything I know though, but the questions and answers section of We Use Coins is going to educate you quickly.
  • Bitcoin Meetup Groups – On meetup.com there are Bitcoin groups forming all over the world! For such a “anonymous” feel to Bitcoin, this might be the last thing you want to do. But then again, you never know who you might meet. So keep your mouth shut and let everyone else brag and talk about Bitcoin at the meetups. You keep your head down, and your pen writing in your notepad. :-)
  • Bitcoin: The Libertarian Introduction – An excellent article from Erik Voorhees. It’s long and there are a ton of comments on this post. I would suggest studying this a couple of times.

Bitcoin: A Technical Introduction

This video is long, so watch it when you have an 1hr 15 minutes to spare. Brain Warner, who’s an engineer with Mozilla Labs, gives a presentation covering how the Bitcoin protocol functions.

Bitcoin Blogs And News

  • Bitcoin Reviewer – Excellent blog covering Bitcoin Casino Reviews and ton of other helpful content.
  • Coin Desk – The voice of digital currency as they are called. Go to their information portal, it’s full of Bitcoin knowledge.
  • The Bitcoin Trader – A really good blog (search the Archives!) that isn’t updated that much anymore.
  • Let’s Talk Bitcoin – The motherload of Bitcoin podcasts can be found at Let’s Talk Bitcoin. Yes, I’ve listened to countless of these, for countless of hours during my Bitcoin kick the last 6 months.
  • The Genesis Block – Globally recognized source of digital currency analysis and covers a lot of topics including trading, mining, protocol updates, block chain analysis and more.
  • Bit Innovate - Another source of top notch Bitcoin content. The link here goes to their resources section.
  • Bitcoin Magazine – Articles, magazine, charts, and more. This is a fairly new resource for me. I’ve just started reading it over the last week. So I dug up a great section for you Grinders just starting out here with the Bitcoin Newbies Resources.
  • Bitcoin Stack Exchange – A questions and answers site for Bitcoin CryptoCurrency peeps.
  • CryptoLife – Clean and simple blog with easy to navigate posts on Bitcoin.
  • The Bitcoin News UK – (Self-explanatory)
  • Bitcoin Examiner – Plain and simple and packed full of Bitcoin resources.
  • Coin Board – Pretty good about breaking news on Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Wallets

  • Bitcoin-Qt – The official Bitcoin wallet.
  • BlockChain.info – The infamous block chain. This site allows you to navigate the bitcoin blockchain (a database which holds information about all transactions). They also operate Bitcoin’s largest and most secure wallet service.
  • Coinbase – Used as both a wallet and exchange. (See below in exchanges)
  • CoinKite – A Bitcoin & Litecoin wallet that works with mobile phones and desktops. They also have merchant terminals which would allow you to buy, sell and accept Bitcoin in person.
  • CoinSplit – Allows you to create multiple Bitcoin wallets. Each time a wallet receives coins they are divided into parts, according to shares and sent to addresses associated with shares.
  • MultiBit – A secure, lightweight, international Bitcoin wallet for Windows, MacOS and Linux.
  • Bitcoin Wallet Android App – (Self-explanatory)

 NEW: Just found this today as I was touching up this post – Bitcoin Wallet Google Chrome Extension (I’m a Firefox fan boy)

Bitcoin Exchanges

  • Mt.Gox – Longest and one of the most established Bitcoin exchanges right now.
  • BTC China – Recently overtook Mt.Gox as the largest Bitcoin exchange in the world.
  • Bitstamp – Europe’s largest Bitcoin trading platform.
  • Coinbase – Currently one of the US exchanges I work with. They’ve received a lot of funding over the last 2 years from some big name investors. Coinbase can also be used as a digital wallet. Payments, Receiving Bitcoin, Merchant services, they have all.
  • BTC-E – A big exchange with fast transactions predominantly Russian Chinese traders.
  • Bitcoin.de – Germany’s big Bitcoin Exchange.
  • Vault of Satoshi – Exchange that allows the trading of Bitcoin, Litecoin and Peercoin.
  • CoinMKT – Trade Bitcoin and other CryptoCurrencies in USD. I’ve now got my account fully setup for trading but haven’t just yet. It’s a simple and clean interface and you can trade multiple Cryptos.  I took a snapshot of the interface below from my account:

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 1.41.23 PM

  Bitcoin Charts And Data

  • Bitcoin X -  Provides a variety of tools and charts, including financial and technical data, related to the bitcoin network and markets. The bitcoin mining profitability calculator is a great place to start if you are considering getting into bitcoin mining.
  • Coin Market Cap – Currently, there are 83 Crypto Currencies on Coin Market Cap. This one page resource, is always on a TV in the office here. :-). You can track market caps, prices, total supply, volume, and more.
  • Clark Moody - Mt. Gox market data.
  • Bitcoin Wisdom – A great market watch site covering some of the most popular exchanges including Bitstamp, BTC-E, Mt.Gox and more.
  • Bitcoin Charts (self explanatory)
  • Bitcoin Chain – Market data, mining pools, block explorer data and more.

Honestly, if I look at anymore charts or data, I’ll just going fucking nuts and captivated by a serious case of analysis paralysis.

Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining is a lot simpler than a lot of the indexed content in the search engines. Really, it comes down to 4 parts: Buying your hardware, download the mining software, setup your wallet and join a mining pool. A longer and more explicit explanation is located here. To learn about the different types of mining pools, I suggest you read over this explanation.

Let’s get started with Bitcoin mining below with this video from Bitcoinmining.com:

Mining Pools (Wiki List) All you need!

Bitcoin Hashtags
The conversations I’m following across Facebook, Twitter and Google+ AND Google Alerts for Bitcoin:

  • #bitcoin
  • #bitcoinnews
  • #bitcointips
  • #cryptocurrency
  • #bitstamp
  • #mtgox
  • #btce
  • #litecoin
  • #peercoin
  • #dogecoin

Finally: Here’s a 1hr+ video from Andreas Antonopoulos giving a crash course on Bitcoin. :-)

PS: For people who refer to Bitcoin is a “pyramid scheme.” Fucking Duh. When it comes to money, I view EVERYTHING in the attainment of money or currency (since that’s the age old term of it here in the US) as a ponzi scheme. Politics being an extension of economics and Government being an extension of Politics just layers it enough with media propaganda that the excitement of Bitcoin has downright brain washed most of the people who put it down. Once realized that money is simply a tool, a tool that you get REALLY good at using, you will understand that from the top down…economics are a ponzi scheme.

In ponzi schemes people get rich. Usually the risk takers…at the top. Not the people who sit back and wait. They want to “be comfortable” when they get in. These are usually the people who use the term “ponzi scheme” rather than actually fucking do anything. They will justify this during the negative times of Bitcoin. They will hate you when you’re driving your new Bitcoin car you bought after working your ass off and taking control of your own destiny, versus listening to lazy, uneducated, broke people who find rewarding behavior in criticism. It’s all they fucking got, so let em have it. All of it. Keep your head down and your fingers moving. Let them keep talking. You keep doing.

These people are the sheep. These people are the people you will make a fuck load of money off of. They simply just don’t get it. Take advantage of these resources and learn this Grinders if you find it interesting. Arbitraging Crypto Currencies is pretty damn fun. :-) And finally, while this is by no means an exhaustive list of resources, it’s more than you need. Just a couple of them at the beginning will lead you down the rabbit holes you will need to go through to get to the end result – Buy, Selling, Trading, Mining Bitcoins. Enjoy!

PS: If you find this useful, those little social share buttons at the bottom seem to not click themselves. We appreciate (more than you know) if you give them a share. Much gracias! :-)

Also: If you’re a Bitcoin badass and want a resource you know of listed, let us know in the comments. It helps everyone. :-)

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    Awesome compilation of resources! I’m starting to try to understand all of this myself and now I have a “table of contents” to go from….so thanks for saving me endless rabbit holes of google searches :)

  2. Avery says

    Great compilation of websites! I’m pretty new to Bitcoin myself and I will be researching some of the exchanges in this list.

    Thanks Ruck.

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    I’m finding the Bitcoin course on Udemy really interesting and insightful.

    Will be investing a small amount for sure!

    Look forward to sharing progress about this etc on the forums as well.

  4. Javier Noperi says

    Thank you! :)
    I just learn bitcoins while reading your article, and research some of it on the web. I’m interested in starting to trade cryptocurrencies, and learn the ropes. I don’t think mining is worth the hassle though.

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