Why Nobody Believes In You…And How To Change That

You smell that Grinders? I got nasty whiff of negativity this past week watching my Social feeds and caught a few of you posting some shit you might have thought nobody was paying attention to. Well, the all-seeing eye, gawked at it in disbelief.

I don’t care who you are, everyone wants to be somebody. If you don’t, you’re either in denial, or choose to go against all that is humanity by being a hermit. Anti-Social.

If it’s a choice, you’re off the hook. I’m thinking about and writing to you Grinders, who might be in denial.

Whether you know it, or admit, or not.

Let’s start with the flappy birds post I saw. Hey, I might be a radically honest prick, but I won’t post up your social profiles for the world to see. That’s not cool.

Anyway, I saw you Grinder, post a shared link to the flappy birds post about the Developer jerking it from the Appstores. The article made a big point about the Developer generating $50K daily from the game.But, it was your comment that really caught my eye. The part where you said “I’m creating my app right now and I doubt it will even reach 1/10th of that!”

You are absolutely fucking right it won’t! Not with that attitude. You’ve already sabotaged yourself. What’s worse is that if you have people employed underneath you, whom you’ve added on to help with your project, you’re sabotaging them as well.

You’ve already shit on the plan…yet you will continue to chug along. And fail. And lose. And continue to post stories about other people’s success. What’s even worse is that in the same post, you not only put someone on a pedestal above you, you SHIT on yourself at the same time!

And like I said at the start of this post, that shit stinks. Everyone in the world sees it too.

I’ll be straight with you. That kind of attitude is behavior unbecoming in the Social, Technology, and information world. Everybody wants to be somebody, you just need a taste of who you are.

What you should have been visualizing is the success of your APP! Instead, you shit all over it, while it’s being built. Seriously, what’s the point? Even if YOU DO finish it, with that attitude, it’s gonna fail so fucking hard and you are just going to piss away money, time and resources.

Fuck all that noise. You’re stronger than that. Matter of fact, you have no fucking clue just how much strength you have within you. I do. I’ve been there. But, with your current attitude, you’re on a one-way street to fuckville where depression and loneliness is fighting over the mayorship.

Drop that shit like a soft turd on a sunny day. And to make it easy on you, here you go:

Step 1: Believe in yourself. It’s OK to want to be somebody. We all do! But, until you start loving and believing in yourself, nobody is ever going to give two fucks about you. And that’s the saddest part of this post when I think about it…I know just how approachable and friendly you really are. How some shit like this creeped up in your mind, I’ll never know. Understanding that people will generally revert to past behaviors is a real fucking killer to my soul in this business. That’s some of the saddest shit I’ve ever dealt with.

When you believe in yourself, shit gets done, people take notice and most important of all – you are making forward progress. You are #1, so don’t ever let yourself slide to #2. Second place is the first loser. And you’re not a loser. You’re a fucking Grinder and all you do is win.

Step 2. Manageable Steps – About the time I usually bring a Grinder out of their funk, is about the time when they start feeling a little pressure. It takes a lot of work to believe in yourself. That shit isn’t just words. It takes time, effort, will power and dedication. Apply those same principles into manageable steps that you can accomplish without stressing or wigging out.

I think the number #1 reason people tend to revert to past behaviors is because they overwhelm themselves. About the time they start feeling good about who they are, they go into “Grind” mode and want to accomplish everything. That’s awesome now because you can, but this is the part where I suggest creating manageable steps at the beginning. This is your plan. Your roadmap. Your bible.

Step 3. Action Daily – It goes with out saying that everything I’ve said above won’t mean shit unless you Rise & Grind every morning and put it into practice. Don’t worry, you get the same 24 hours in a day and I really don’t give two shits, how much shit you think you “Gotta Do.”

If that were true, I wouldn’t have had to write this.

Everybody wants to be somebody, you just need a taste of who you are.

Just remember, believing in yourself is all about telling yourself that you are fully capable and worthy. Build the shit out of that App and unleash it unto the masses as if you had never made that comment regarding yourself. You obviously went into creating this App because of your cool idea, so try not shitting where you sleep so much. :-)

Nobody likes a shit covered, morose motherfucker who condemns everything before they even bring a project to life. Your realistic expectations of EVERYTHING you do in your life and your business should be NOTHING less than fucking amazing.

If it isn’t, what’s the point?

Talk Soon,


Pay It Forward Thanks!


  1. David says

    Just when I think you can be too forward and too hard on people and your affiliates (aka closing accounts that aren’t producing enough volume) You come out with something so true, uplifting and inspiring like this post.. All and all, you the man Ruck… Keep on keeping on.

  2. Oleg Baranov says

    Cool article man… Determination, self esteem and believing in yourself are really very important things. Though it is sometimes pretty hard to stay focused when you fail at almost everything you do)

  3. moe says

    Really enjoyed the post, Ruck. Thanks. What I got out of it is to believe that I can do it and then start eating that elephant one bite at at time.

  4. says

    I really needed to read this. I know I’m not the only one that falls into the negativity trap, but I’m the only one that I need to be worried about. I have gone to great lengths to get rid of negativity outside of myself in my life, but fail to get rid of internal negativity.

    Thanks for the textual ass kicking. I needed that.

  5. says

    As Henry Ford once said, “if you think you can, you’re right… If you think you can’t? You’re probably right too.”

    If you don’t believe in yourself just go back to bed, because the world’s running rampant with people who’d love to spit in your Cheerios and steal your next opportunity just because they’re filled with unlimited self-belief.

    Now, don’t just be all belief… You still need to back that up with some action. haha

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