No Motivation Required

I remember back when I first started trying to get my shit together and make a buck off the net in 2006. I also remember being in debt for about $175,000.00. Oh, and there were the 2 sons I had at the time, failing personal relationship with the Ms., 3 jobs I was maintaining to keep everything afloat and fuel my obsession for making money online. I fucking KNEW it could be done. So where did I start?

By asking Google of course – “How to make money online”

This of course led me into the way of the Ebook Guru, Warrior Forum and a host of other smaller (can’t remember) resources. Yep, I got taken for a fool. More than once. More than twice. Probably a few dozen times at least. Actually, I know I spent more than $60,000 which I didn’t have (loans, credit cards, etc) on trying to figure some shit out.

Long story short, it didn’t really matter how much I lost. At least to me it didn’t. Sure I felt the stresses of being late on bills, non-payments on some shit and other buffoonery I pulled on some people but we all know when you got nothing to lose – you fucking go for it! I could sit here and tell you about all the glory I’ve had along the way, but that’s not for you. That’s for me. :-) But I will tell you that there were many days I wanted to quit. Give up. Go back to looking for a job. Go back to security. Go back to knowing at least there WAS going to be a check coming in. I was eaten alive by that shit.

That’s when I got that first $100 check from Linkscout. I wish I had taken a picture of it now. Starting to get sentimental about shit like that these days. Anyway, the moment that $100 check hit my hand, you might as well have just given me the fucking golden key. But no, it was hard. Shitty on my best days…usually. But no matter how shitty it was, each day I kept at it, I began to feel LESS shitty. The better I felt, the more work I got done. And guess what?

Bigger fucking checks. That’s what.

And bigger checks, meant bigger vision.

You see I knew and still know that no matter how much I MIGHT THINK I know about something…I really don’t know shit. So the more I realize I really don’t know shit about what I think I know a lot of shit about…the more I LEARN & WORK.

No motivation required…

You can probably tell I fucking love what I do. And that’s the point. I didn’t always. It was a humongous learning curve, filled with business & life shattering consequences…but immense fucking rewards.

I knew it wouldn’t be like that starting out and for at least the first year online, it was worse than I thought. Ha! But, I saw those earnings start climbing. Reached my first check. Once I got that check, you would have a better chance of convincing your mom whether or not you are male or female…than you would that I couldn’t make a living online.

It’s like jumping into a cold shower. You know it’s going to suck at first, but you know how good you will feel with increased circulation and mood elevation. There’s that in-between shit (the Grind) you have to put in to get from point A to point B. Once you’re in the shower, you probably find it’s just fine. That shit isn’t going to harm you. That’s what your mind is telling you. YOU control your mindset.

Same with working online. Yep, you will need some capital starting out. You will also need time dedicated to learning, being coached, trained (if you have this opportunity). You will then need to move into creating a business plan. All these little steps that are required but FUN as FUCK to do so that you can go from zero to hero.

Pay It Forward Thanks!


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    Hi Ruck,

    I hear you dude. I was $50 K in debt and had some serious problems too many years ago. Dive in, fail, then learn what it takes to make money online. Create. Connect. Follow the fundamentals religiously to rock it out online.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    I can totally relate to that feeling, when you KNOW it’s going to work, but for some reason you can’t get it to. Fortunately, I felt strongly enough that it was the right path to continue on with my marketing “hobby”. It’s been a long time, but now I’m starting to see some decent results. And results are motivating.

    Thanks for this post. Guys like you make me love reading stuff about marketing.

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    Hey Ruck,
    I agree that learning and working are keys to success in marketing. How long did it take you to figure out that marketing could be a career for you? 5 years? A year? 10?

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      I would say a year. Right after the 12 month mark I was doing some SEO, PPC, Myspace and had a couple of my own products (ebooks) that was making me enough to push me to go for it all

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