How To Use Facebook Promoted Posts to Get In Front of Your Fans

You know how I like to add a bit of snark to my posts. It’s all in good fun. Hope you had a good laugh, now let’s get to work. It’s time to learn about this new facet of Facebook advertising.

So, you have a facebook fan page but you have noticed that when you share something or promote a post for your fans, that it doesn’t reach all of your fans. Well, that stinks, doesn’t it?! If you have over 400 fans (at the time of this post, that is the magical number), then you QUALIFY for using promoted posts. <— See what I did there? If you have wrestled with Facebook’s edge rank, or have attempted to gain a complete understanding of how it works, now you don’t have to mess with it any longer. Why? Facebook has conveniently created a way for you facebook page owners out there to increase your reach by purchasing a promoted post to get in front of your fan base. Hell, I gave up on trying to increase edge rank long ago. Looks like I will be getting out my wallet whenever I have a Call To Action that demands that I get in front of my people. Does this sound like something that you might use to grow your fan base?

How to Use Promoted Posts on Facebook

1. For previously submitted stories/shares/photos, etc –┬áTo get started, you will select a recent post from your latest updates on your fan page. NOTE** You will notice that if you go further back down your timeline, that those posts are not eligible – meaning, you will not see the silver promote button underneath the content.

New posts/shares/photos are exactly the same. Just look for the promote button, click it and then set your reach options. Check out the screen shot below.

3. After deciding that you want more reach on your amazingly awesome facebook post, you can select how much money you would like to put towards your promoted post. Notice that as your dollar amount increases, so does your estimated reach values. More money – More reach. Make your selection and then click the save button.

4. When you’re all set, click save or publish your new post, and you will then see that your promotion has been applied to your account.


5. Confirmation of your promoted posts will be reflected by the term “Promoted” and your related dollar amount spent on the promotion.

That’s all there is to it – simple! Now get in there and get in front of your fans.




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