How To Research Companies On LinkedIn

One of the most useful functions on LinkedIn is the ability to learn more about companies. I know for me, I’ve made countless contacts there to help grow our business exponentially.

When you click on the COMPANY tab on the toolbar at the top of any LinkedIn page you can search for companies using either keywords or a company name. When you click on a company in the search results, you will get what Linkedin refers to as a company profile.

On the top left of a company’s profile, you will see general company information and the company’s logo. When you click “more” below the summary you should see the specialties section of the company profile. On the lower right hand side of the screen, you will find company statistics, which are either entered by a designated company official or garnered by Linkedin from public information.

Here are some of the items I find useful from company pages on Linkedin when searching around for new contacts and company’s I may want to work with. You can typically access this information by clicking insightful statistics about a (company name) employees located in the right column of the company profile:

  • A list of all company employees who are in your network
  • The total number of employees who have Linkedin accounts
  • Names of new hires at the company
  • A list of the company’s current job postings on Linkedin (accessed by clicking the Careers tab at the top of the company’s profile).
  • New titles of company employees who have updated their Linkedin accounts to reflect recent promotions
  • Names of peopple who have recently departed from the company
  • A list of geographical areas the employees of the company call home
  • A list of the employees who have the most recommendations
  • A list of the other company profiles people are viewing
  • Information on where employees worked before and after their employment with the company

On a company’s profile page you can also find graphs that include statistics Linkedin has generated about the company’s employees like:

  • Job function composotion (eg – percentage of employees doing general and adminstrative work, research and development).
  • Years of work experience
  • Highest educational degrees acquired
  • Most common universities attended

Talk about information overload right? Yes, it could be but I like to skim thru it all really quick. When you realize what type of information is available to you about the company as a whole and about its past and present employees and how you may be connected to them, you can begin to put together a strategy for using the information to accomplish any goals you may have.

When you have identified a company in which you have an interest in, Linkedin gives you the opportunity to receive notifications of any changes to that company’s profile pages. This can be done by clicking “Follow” (Company name) located next to the star on the right side of the page. You will then receive notifications on changes to the page as part of your network updates. I like to call this “stalking” to keep track of my targets.

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