How To Give 2014 The Ass Kicking It Deserves

With just a week into the New Year here in the Revived Media office, we’ve been busy over the last few days making some important announcements to all of our Mobile Media Buyers, but what about the Grinders? You guys (and gals) who may not know much about us just yet…you need to be fed a grain of awesomeness now and again too. So this post is for you. The every day Grinder. Whether you are a stay at home mom getting your learn on, or the cubicle junkie killing a few minutes, we appreciate you all.

Now since we all have our own goals, agenda, problems and obstacles, I couldn’t begin to speculate on how to grab life by the bag in your case, but here’s how I’ve been trying to improve myself and my business. If you’re a reader here, most of this shit is going to be helpful. So take notes and use it!

Running 3 businesses is a fucking nightmare on my cortex, but it’s the most fun I’ve ever had in my life…so the brain is just going to have to deal with it this year. I could sit here and tell you about all these New Year’s Resolutions I made and how I’m going to do shit differently this year and make it all better…

And blah fucking blah. Please, I know better than to insult the Grinder’s intelligence.

You ALREADY KNOW that intelligence & being smart is sexy as fuck (yes huh, Ashton Kutcher said so)…but the fact of the matter is that we are IN the Information Age. There’s never been so much information available and so easily as the Web makes it. There really is no excuse for being stupid.

Unless of course, you ARE just fucking stupid. Sorry, there’s no cure for that. Quite honestly, if they allowed me to be the “Stupid Baby Checker” of humanity, I would be throwing those dipshits over a cliff. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against people who are handicapped. Matter of fact, I sponsor one here in KC and he kicks more fucking ass in life (from a wheelchair) than I have ever seen. I’m just saying…stupid people. Nooooo. Goooo. In 2014!

I will however give you my mindset, it’s one that has broken many times and flat out failed my more times than I can count. This mindset whenever adapt and used – gets the fucking job done. (Now, if I could KEEP this mindset 100% of the time!) But this mindset isn’t about getting rich quick or finding some magic bullet. This mindset is designed for the Grinder who knows the road ahead in life and business is going to be bumpy. That’s what this mindset is designed for – handling those road bumps so you don’t fucking wreck yourself.

Let me just go through an example of mine here, you can follow along then later on, adapt this to your own asskicking arsenal for the year.

Step 1. Focus

You need to have a vision created BEFORE you even begin. No, I’m not talking about the “end in mind” or an “exit strategy.” That shit is for losers. I’m talking about what YOU see yourself at 12 months from now. Share the vision with your people, this will allow you to see immediately who is on board and who isn’t with you. Trust me, it’s better to find out now than 6 months from now.

For me I have a couple of visions in 2014, such as health and wealth. I plan on following my new lifestyle changes I’ve already made throughout 2013 and continue on down my checklist. On the business side, growing our Affiliate Channel, opening our Ad Network, offering our new Proprietary Affiliate Network Platform, continue on building the support side of iMobiTrax and two other projects I don’t want to share publicly just yet.

You need to sit down, focus yourself entirely to your own visions. What is that you want to accomplish? Achieve? Start doing? Get better at?

Write those things down because you will need them to match your dedication to your purposes each day to get your vision to become a reality.

Step 2. Purpose

So that’s it, nothing mind blowing. A couple of simple visions, but to share and carry out what is needed with our visions, we need purposes. Purposes are the reason why we live life. We all need and want things as we go through our lifetimes (which usually cost fucking money unfortunately) but there are many other purposes outside of wealth…such as health. And relationships.

Now, across 3 businesses, 3 kids, a ton of shit that mounts in my brain that I want to try by the freaking minute, I find myself constantly optimizing and sometimes even refining my purposes. Purposes are what I do daily. You can call them “jobs” or “tasks” if you don’t enjoy them. However, purposes are MUCH stronger and a lot harder to ignore.

For instance, my vision in this post deals with getting healthier and wealthier. Ok, great but we need to get specific here so my day might look like something like this:

Health Purpose: (I’m 6’3 220lbs)

Focus & Move: Movement Creates Energy. So focus on EACH movement. I have a simple little organizer I carry with me with all my habits, rituals and animal sacrifices.

Upon waking: (6:00am – 9:00am)

  • 1 Cod Liver Oil
  • 1 Vitamin D
  • 2 Liver Pills
  • ^^^Drank With 2 Glasses Ice Cold Water
  • 2 Songs iTunes + Stretching + Limbering Up
  • 1 Song + 1 Warmup Set
  • 2 Songs + Calisthenics
  • Heavy Weightlifting
  • Cardio (Sometimes HIIT – Moderate)
  • Music + Breakfast (Usually 2-4 Eggs + Ribeye or T-bone if hungry)
  • ^^^ I sing and dance real man like during this – Endorphins release/Mood Elevation
  • 3 True Focus +  Vitamin D
  • Cold Shower
  • Morning Stack (Supplements, sorry can’t share now)
  • Off to the office to dominate

Business Purpose:

Office Time (6:00-when the fuck ever)

  • Grind
  • Grind Harder
  • Stay Late And Grind More

Or if you need something specific:

  • Round 1 – Communications: Skype, PM’s, Texts, Voicemails (Fuck email, moving away from that time suck)
  • Round 2 – IMGrind Private Forums – Answering from the last night’s posts
  • Round 3 – Check my blog calendar to see whether I blog today or not. If I do, then I do. If I don’t, I don’t. Pretty simple.
  • Round 4 – Business Development 2 hours – How many Advertising deals can Ruck sign in 2 hours? That answer can be compared to most Networks hiring sales teams and marketers who to go look for their deals. Most of mine come in from word of mouth referrals from all the previous ass kicking I did with them. But IN THE EVENT there is something hot out there, I track the shit down, call them until I get a hold of them, shove $5,000-$10,000 in free testing of the offer from them and VOILA – Business is done.
  • Round 5 – Affiliate Network Email
  • Round 6 – Working with Affiliates on Skype (Usually take on 3-4 at a time)
  • Round 7 – Whatever else is thrown my way

All these little purposes play into the vision so they must all be done with precision and efficiency. At least that’s what I tell myself. I fucking love what I do, so by categorizing my tasks as purposes, I’ve found a new way to enjoy them that puts the vision in perspective at the same time.

Step 3. Dedication

If you need to be told anything other than “dedicated yourself fully to your purposes” then you might need a history lessen from the Samurai culture from Japan. Or just a silly slap to the face to wake yourself up. Mindlessly running around with no purpose – that shit is NOT sexy. I’m not kidding when I say that I can pick out people in a crowd with no purpose in their life. It gets worse when it comes to business. Trying telling an employee to have a purpose in most places is like a stab in the ribs.

Dedication in my experience gets a heck of a lot easier with habits and rituals. I tried to be open and share how I methodically go down a list of things to do each morning. What’s weirder is I find myself lately, going as furiously through the list as possible. I’m taking my supplements quicker, I’m staying in the cold water longer, I’m lifting heavier weights each week and I’m running faster and longer with each day that goes by.

Really at this point, dedication shouldn’t be an issue. If you have focused in on your vision, written down the purposes you need to serve and do each day, then failing to follow through (dedication) is just plain ole laziness. We all know the repercussions of that don’t we?! :-)


Pay It Forward Thanks!


  1. says

    I just found your blog in a list of good blogs to follow.
    I love how “real” your blog is. You tell it like it is, and it makes me want to listen and learn more from you. Keep up the awesome work.
    My 2014 goal is to tackle Videos to add to my blog, and having a steady checklist and schedule.

  2. Bella says

    It is nice to find someone that talks my language. there will be some people that will say how awful but in my experience the more up front honest and real the better people will love you for it.. and those are the people that will give you the big bucks…

  3. Charles Kilmer says

    What’s weirder is I find myself lately, going as furiously through the list as possible. I’m taking my supplements quicker, I’m staying in the cold water longer, I’m lifting heavier weights each week and I’m running faster and longer with each day that goes by.

    At age 60 I have learned to recognize this pattern because I do it myself–over and over again over decades. Whenever, I catch a good groove in work/life I will tend to go faster and faster. I will keep going faster and faster until something breaks. Why? Why do I keep going faster. Because I can. Because if something is good, more of it is better. Because I’m not meeting any resistance. Because you must whip it. Whip it good. Because time is evil. Because I become ever more full of myself. Because man I love to paint the wave. I love to feel good. And even better. I love to feel even better. A wiser man has some kind of instinct for when he has pushed to his physical limits and backs off them. Not me–not at least, until something breaks. Maybe I’ll have it down when I’m 70.

    To the list above I would add that its important to have not just a vision but a strategy for getting there. Ralph does have a strategy. Its embedded in his schedule.

  4. says

    Ruck, can I just say, right now, that I think you’ve just changed my life? You wrote about the liver pills (biggest pills I’ve ever seen before, but that’s not stopping me) and their benefits in a previous post . I did additional research on them and decided to go ahead and buy them. I also discovered that I was vitamin D deficient (matched all symptoms) from working from home all of the time.

    I used to experience brain fog every other day and lethargic drain about every 3rd day. Now? I haven’t had brain fog in a week and I’ve got enough energy to work out in the mornings (losing weight too). My appetite is suppressed a bit as well, which is a good thing for my fat ass.

    Anyway, I’m losing weight, I’m learning from the forum, and I’m starting to put all the skills I’ve mastered over 12 years to help me do well in this market space. I’m still missing many pieces of the puzzle but I’ll get there.

    Anyway, thanks Ruck. Damn I feel good.

    • says

      Awesome man! Glad to hear! I know through my research and experiments on myself, Vitamin D is a big one I was deficient in. Liver Pills are excellent for all vitamin types but super great for the B-Vitamins. Glad they helped man, stoked to hear it!

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