10 Bitcoin Infographics To Help Make You A CryptoCurrency Samurai

Hey Grinders! I hope all is well in your part of the world on this Wednesday afternoon. I slept in a little this morning after being “Vegas-Lagged” from the Affiliate Summit West Conference and Affiliate Ball party Monday night but I want to turn this post out to you with some killer resources I’ve studied to jump into Bitcoin Investing and Bitcoin Mining.

At the Affiliate Summit conference and lately on my Facebook, Grinders have been interested in hearing more about what Ryan and I have to think and say regarding Bitcoin. We’ll get to that later, but for right now Grinders, I wanted to make a huge list of visualizations and infographics that I’ve compiled and used to learn the ins and outs.

I’ll try my best here to give the proper Authors proper attribution but if I miss one, don’t hesitate to reach out to me in the comments, so that I can fix it. Also Grinders, infographics are something that I consider “Research Art.” It takes time and resources to put these together. So if you find some of the beneficial to you, please visit the source of the infographics and tell the authors thank you for the infographic. Karma is everything. :-)

Ok, Grinders here we go. I hope you find these useful and if I am missing any infographics, or have one you want listed here. Contact Ruck on Skype: revivedmedia and he will update this post. Enjoy the Bitcoin overload Grinders!

I want to start with this kickass video of Bitcoin Explained. Then, the infographics will follow it. This will put you into the CryptoCurrency Twilight Zone Grinders. :-)

Bitcoin Explained from Duncan Elms on Vimeo.

1. The Definitive History Of Bitcoin

Let’s start the Bitcoin learning process by first viewing the history of it. VisualCapitalist.com makes it very easy for us. (Thank you Visual Capitalist!) Here is their informative infographic covering the history of Bitcoin: The Definitive History Of Bitcoin

2. How Bitcoin Works – Bitcoin 101

Here’s a great infographic from Online Accounting Degrees which depicts into an easy to scan infographic on the process of Bitcoin (as a currency). I should be upfront when I say that I have studied Bitcoin from many angles including Crypto Currency, the potential of it as a digital currency, as a threat to big Banking and of course – Bitcoin as a ponzi scheme. While I will not reveal exactly how I feel about Bitcoin just yet, this infographic is an easy to understand resource:

Bitcoin 101: The Digital Currency Revolution

3. Understanding A Bitcoin Transaction

Grinders, this next infographic from IEEE Spectrum is an easy to understand flow of a Bitcoin transaction. It’s put together in a hypothetical flow, so take your notes or print this bad boy out.

Bitcoin infographic

4. Beginner’s Guide To Bitcoins

I found this infographic on Visually Grinders and it’s broken up into some easy to scan bullet points that explain a lot of the helpful terms in the Bitcoin space:

A Beginner

5. How To Mine Your Own Bitcoin

This is a good starting point on mining Bitcoin. From this infographic, I jumped into getting my Bitcoin Wallet, I joined a Mining Pool and got my Miner setup. There’s a few notes on hardware too, but I learned that along the way as I setup up our Miners here in the office:

How to Mine Your Own Bitcoin

6. Anatomy Of Bitcoin

This is an excellent infographic from Wired Magazine that depicts a ton of information. If I had found this one first, I believe it would have been the only one I needed to get started.


7. The Bitcoin Ecosystem

A quick infographic from Second Market with a bunch of stats to ponder regarding Bitcoin:


8. What Are Bitcoins And How Are They Taxed

Now, when it comes to Bitcoin, one of the first questions I get is always regarding the taxes of it. Later, when I cover our Bitcoin Startup Journey, I will explain what we know and do. For now, here’s a great primer on Bitcoins and how taxes work with them from Turbo Tax. In short, if it’s earned income from buying and selling – it’s taxable in the US. Check with your Country Law! We have a very diverse readership across the globe here at IMGrind, so keep in mind we are in the USA.


9. How Do Bitcoin Mining And Bitcoin Blockchain Work

Grinders, this is the infographic I used to first start studying the Bitcoin Blockchain. This was printed in April last year, so changes have been made but still a great resource at time of it’s printing and it clarified a lot for me. Thanks to Daily Host News for taking the time to put this together.


Part 10. The Rise And Fall Of Bitcoin

This is an infographic that takes you on the rollercoaster of the prices of Bitcoin. Thanks to Ceros for this resource.


And there you have it Grinders. These are the infographics I’ve used and studied so far in our Bitcoin journey over here. These infographics led me into a lot of areas of Bitcoin which allowed me to easily get a handle on it.

PS: We just added a CryptoCurrency section to the forum for all Grinders to participate in and ask questions and give feedback on CryptoCurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and others. Hope it helps! :-)

To Your Success,


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      Hey right on! I hope you found them useful. Awesome that you got a tweet from Bloomberg! I will check it out today. Keep Grinding! – Ruck


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