Adsense Direct – How To Manage Your Own Advertising Directly

It’s a great day in monetization today! With Adsense announcing the launch of the Adsense Direct program. If you’re not familiar with Adsense Direct, quite simply – you can now (as a publisher) get started in managing your own direct advertising deals.

In a nutshell, Adsense Direct is an agreement between a publisher, an advertiser and of course – Google. From there, the advertiser’s ad would run on the publishers website (don’t know if this is available for mobile yet) – in a specific ad unit type – for 100% of all the impressions. This is of course, after an agreed time and price is negotiated.

I could sit here and go on about it, or you can just view the video from Adsense, (which is how I learned).

It’s a simple process that involves three steps from the publisher, one from the Advertiser and 5 steps from Google.

Note: I did find out during the process of setting up that after Advertisers uploads the ad and destination url, we have to purchase campaigns via Google Wallet. We already have this, just wanted to throw that out there.

And to make it even simpler Grinders, here’s a link to the Adsense Direct Step-by-Step Campaign Guide. (It’s super simple!)

If you are a new marketer looking to get their feet wet in simple to manage direct advertising, give the Adsense Direct program a look. We run our own adservers and do everything proprietary on our end but Ryan and I both at one point, relied on Adsense as portions of our income.

Hope It Helps!

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    Its a nice feature for adsense to add, but I’m guessing this goes into your existing adsense earnings. I don’t make enough each month to get a payout from adsense, so I”d rather continue working directly with advertisers right now :)

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    I am so impressed with the new feature that just introduced from google and never thinking a big jump in advertisement place in today technology but if are able to negociate such business, why not get a direct contact with publisher and ask them the deal without dealing with google as a middle man?

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