40 Grinders Describe IMGrind In Just Two Words

I’ve been feeling the happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life over the last half year and I can honestly say…mood dictates all. When I’m in a shit mood, everything suffers and I’m a dick. When I’m happy, amazing shit happens. I’m sure the same is for you Grinders and I’m just spewing out the obvious. With that said, I decided to read through these responses from Grinders in the forum. Once I started reading them again, I had a surge of awesomeness rock my entire core. So I turned on Screenflow and read the responses out loud. This is why we murder it everyday. Before the sun comes up and long after it goes down, when you have a crew as solid as this, everything in life and business just flows.

The feelings I felt here blew away any substance I’ve abused or any other idiotic addiction I put myself in front of.

I do think however, this could be a healthy addiction for now on. :-)

Here’s what members of IMGrind had to say about what they thought of the Private Forums in just two words.

PS: I think I gloat a time or two in here, so if you’re a jealous dickhead, just shoot me comment behind your best proxy and I’ll be sure to make you famous (along with your family, friends, boss and pets) in a future post. :-)

Pay It Forward Thanks!


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