2013 Is Over And The Future Is Mind Blowing

If you would have told me that a simple ebook about how we do our Mobile Media Buying was going to set the stage for explosive growth month after month in 2013 across our 3 companies, help grow a single media buyer to over $4,000,000.00 in revenue and be the foundation for 2 more products/services real soon here in 2014…I would have told you…

Fucking duh.

Amazing shit happens when people realize their full potential, take action and – FOLLOW the damn plan. :-)

Yea, my words might seem a bit cocky to the losers who might drift into this post but for the winners… the –> 3,000+ IMGrind Private Forum members, 3,000+ iMobiTrax users and 300+ mobile media buyers and advertisers who all worked together to generate more than $10,000,000.00 in our first FULL year of business across all 3 Companies…this is what great people do.

The best part is that it grows. Like a country sweeping disease of awesomeness I got to be completely straight up when I say that it’s not so awesome being a “lone-wolf” these days. I loved working by myself but over time through trial and tribulation I was able to get partnered up with extremely smart people – Ryan, Bill, Brent here currently and others who’ve journeyed with us – Eric, Preston, Davey.

I knew if I shared our story, and then put it into step by step as much as I possibly could – there would be others who would come along and do it too. Currently, we are averaging 20+ downloads a day with around a dozen of mobile media buyers applying to Revived Media after they have started working with us in the IMGrind Private Forums and tracking their campaigns with iMobiTrax.

It might have started with us…but it GROWS with YOU. Never forget that. We have appreciated meeting, working, growing with each and every one of you over the last year. We also appreciate all of the Grinders who visit our sites, read our blogs, share our content – Thank You, Seriously.

Now for the future…

For starters, I just spent the last 72 hours on company audits on where to improve. So, with that said, quite simply for the Private Forum – we will be starting a weekly webinar for the follow along section. The Campaign follow along section is by far the most popular forum section in IMGrind, so it only makes sense to start spending some time on video webcasting and working with you. We will be doing weekly live streaming and video casting to help accelerate your testing phases of mobile CPA offers.

On the Revived Media side, on February 1-2, 2014 we have our first set of mobile media buyers coming to the office here in Kansas City. I’ve really honed down on what we are looking for in mobile media buying partners…and who we trust to fund through their advertising campaigns…so now along with only working with mobile media buyers who are IMGrind Forum Members, iMobiTrax Clients…we will only be accepting mobile media buying partners who can be flexible and work with us at the Revived Media Office…as well as their remote locations.

The simplest way to put it is that we’ve made a SHITLOAD of money at Revived Media over the last year and are investing it into ONLY the mobile media buyers whom we work with closely on a daily basis and are flexible enough to work with us consistently at the Office too. Our problem isn’t Capital, never has been. Along with IMGrind and iMobiTrax :-) – we have QUITE the padded bank accounts to invest and grow Revived Media.

Our problem is that between Ryan, Brent, Bill, myself and our selective media buyers whom are already receiving this priviledge, we have WAY TO MANY PROFITABLE CAMPAIGNS.

I know, like the worst fucking problem in the history of ever. So, the deal is that the mobile media buyers who are selected to work with us going forward in 2014, are going to have unlimited ad funding so that we can pass these campaigns off to you to help scale.

You see, most CPA Networks, don’t have a fucking clue as to how to pick GREAT offers…let alone ACTUALLY help scale an already blue collar working affiliate.

Well, it’s our goal to bypass all that stupid shit, bring your ass into our office, show you WHAT to run, where to run it, with these ads, these landing pages, you get the picture…

Exciting as fuck for the Mobile Media Buyers working with us in 2014 – you will literally just get handed campaigns off to you and you go play, get fucking rich…whatever it takes to get these campaigns over to you. The worst thing in the world is knowing there is money on the table and we’re leaving it there. That shit ends right now. :-)

For iMobiTrax users, Bill has been working on an update that I know is going to tickle your fancy. If you thought iMobiTrax tracked granularly before…just wait until you see the new version. :-)

New stuff coming? Weekly podcast on IMGrind Blog! I’m going to start sharing some of my testing and experiences with Nootropics AKA “Smart Drugs” for enhanced cognitive liberty and thinking. We will also be bringing another Mobile Ad Network to Mobile Advertising! Great Ruck, just what we needed! I know right?! Just keep under-estimating us, it’s probably shit anyway.

There’s a lot more I want to shout to the heavens about here (like our Proprietary Mobile Affiliate Network Platform)  because I’m so fucking stoked, but I probably look like a bragging prick, so I’ll stop.

The point is that I wanted to point out some of the awesome things accomplished this year thanks all to you Grinders. Thank you all for making 2013 one of the most joyful and learning experiences of my life. I’m sure the other fellas across the Grind feel the same too.

We will see you in 2014! Be safe and keep your grind strong!

To your success,


Pay It Forward Thanks!


  1. says

    I am very happy to be involved with the incredible growth of IMGrind and your organization Ruck– just peripherally so far I know, but I’ve got my first campaigns going here in the last few days and I’ve learned SO MUCH.

    Very much looking forward to your weekly webinar, incredibly exciting & it will help me streamline my process. It’s 3:20 AM here and I just added to my follow-along, I haven’t been this excited and committed to something in a long time.

    Mobile is exploding and I need to be a part of it. I feel so lucky to have found IMGrind to help me accelerate my involvement in it. I really hope to meet you this year in Kansas City Ruck, I want to earn an invite to come learn with you guys, and I’m serious.

    • says

      Hey Tom,

      The gang will be in the office first thing Monday Am – let’s make sure we connect on Skype and if we can be of any help, let’s get it figured out and sprinting forward. I want EVERY Revived Media Media Buyer to come here. :-)

  2. says

    Hey Ruck,

    My name is David “AKA” Youth Pastor.

    I’m a husband, youth pastor and entrepreneur.
    First Ruck, you ROCK brother. Second, this is a MIRACLE.
    Last, my wife and I have done
    our homework, literally, LOL.

    We downloaded “MobiManiFesto 2″ on 12/26/2013 and my
    wife and I finished the 333 page ebook FINALLY “LOL”
    tonight 7:31pmEST 12/28/2013. GREATEST e-book EVER!

    We have been online ”GRINDING” and have made a little
    money with 2 CPA offers, Clickbacks, and MLM, but
    we haven’t made the LIFESTYLE money ”yet” to quit our
    9 to 5, for the LIFESTYLE change for our upcoming kids.

    FYI – We are NOT idiots, we can do this ………………….

    ps. iMobiTrax & IMGrind & Revived Media we know
    …IS A MUST to have before we move further

    pps. With us never having any Mobile Affiliate Experience
    but sweat, blood, drive, staying up all night, work ethic,
    and NEVER GIVING UP (b/c we did find this) this can work

    ppps. I wanted to connect, but is that possible brother, LOL
    BUT we have NOT joined any 3 yet, but will any ADVICE

    “Nothing is impossible without God, blood, drive, work,
    but you get 1 life to WORK HARD TO PLAY HARDER”
    quoted by – David & Sherrie -

  3. Drako Blackwell says

    Great cup of inspiration for me to read early this morning brother Ruck!

    Question: have you guys added Tuan and Jays new Smash Revenue company to your network?

  4. Charles Anderson says

    Like David, I am also a minister. The opportunity you’re offering is a Godsend.
    Oh how I wish I had found this blog before I wasted so much money on internet marketing products that lead to nowhere.
    Currently, I am studying mobimanifestov2. Next, I will join IMGrind Private Forum and iMobitrax and get some campaigns going. Then I will apply to Revived Media and, hopefully, get invited to your office to take things to the next level.
    Thanks again for this incredible life-line.
    Charles Anderson

  5. Mike says

    Ouch , this kinda hurts Ruck

    Took your advice a while back and have worked my ass off over the last 4 months to get me a solid bankroll to fund my business – now you’ve closed RevivedMedia.

    Will you be accepting new affiliates any time soon

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