15 Years Later I'm Here To Dominate Mobile

Since Ruck just whipped up a badass post highlighting 2013 I decided I would weigh in on some things that have happened throughout my career and what the future holds. Today officially marks my 15th year working online (yes I started at 13 and I’m 28 now).

I don’t think a lot of the people that recently started working online understand how challenging it was in the late 90′s/early 2000′s. There were no sites like IMGrind. I had to learn HTML, Perl, Photoshop, etc. by trial and error. It wasn’t fun and success wasn’t instant.

Ruck and I started IMGrind in 2011 because we wanted to provide a hub where we could save people of all skill levels countless hours and “show them the ropes” without having to buy some high dollar, coaching program, that doesn’t really teach much of anything. For $99/mo we take members under our wing inside our Private Forum and have helped thousands find success.

In 2014 we plan to take our training one step further. It makes a lot more sense to bring those that are already working with us across all of our properties and bring them to our office on a regular basis where we can all collaborate to greatly increase revenues and speed up the learning curve.

We’ve moved our concentration into mobile. Much like the WEB was in the late 90s/early 2000s, mobile is growing at a much faster rate. For the average Joe it doesn’t make a lot of sense to buy a big computer that’s going to take up an entire desk or even a room (remember the “computer rooms” if your house was built in the 90s) when you can do everything from your smart phone/tablet. The reach for mobile is much greater because there is not just one phone per household. I’m shocked to see the number of children under the age of 12 that have an iPhone!

So look at it like this… The WEB grew rapidly throughout the 90s and 2000s and there was no one there to help you monetize the traffic/develop your businesses. With the growth and expansion of MOBILE we’re going to be workings HANDS ON with our partners to ensure nothing gets overlooked. MOBILE is a much different beast than WEB and that’s why we’ve developed our patent-pending mobile tracking solution, iMobiTrax. It’s going to be a lot of fun watching many of our partners grow even further.

As we close out 2013 I want to thank all of our loyal blog readers and forum members. You all continue to amaze me daily and are what drives me to continue to produce content that will help you leverage your business to the next level. You all rock and let’s fucking dominate 2014!

Pay It Forward Thanks!


  1. says

    Your comparison between the late 90s with the wild west of the Web and today with Mobile is 100% spot on. You you can feel the growth and chaos and you have to go where growth is in business. Especially if there are new barriers to entry in the form of having to learn new methods. The lazy will be excluded. But where to start?

    I feel so lucky to have found IMGrind as a top-to-bottom solution for going from zero to the fast lane as quickly as my motivation allows me to: education w/out upsells, a sublime tracking tool in Imobitrax, and an unbelievably helpful affiliate network (never seen anything like it) rolled into one.

    One thing re: international offers. It was clear to me years back that most people in the developing world would go straight to mobile phones and never need a landline phone.

    Add infinite app functionality and web access to these small devices and it’s clear that for most people, traditional desktops/laptops will be as unnecessary as landline phones have become in the last 10 years. Most will never have or need them, except for gaming.

    These people buy things too, the middle class is growing, and online payments via carriers and otherwise are becoming more accepted in places like Indonesia and India.

    The landscape in terms of where online transactions occur will look nothing like that of developed countries, it’ll be skewed very disproportionately toward mobile.

    If mobile *growth* excites you, these huge countries going straight to mobile are where the action is. I know where I want to be. Thanks IMGrind.

    • Ryan Gray says

      Thanks for your comment Tom.

      “But where to start?” – This was one of my biggest challenges when I started with the WEB back in 1998. I knew I wanted to have a website, I knew I wanted to make it popular, but I had NO CLUE where to get started besides Geocities. After a lot of trial and error I discovered that I needed to register my down domain (which at the time cost ~$77/year), a web server ($100/mo for the smallest), and be able to develop dynamic and functional code (which took countless hours of learning). Here at the Grind we’re lumping all that education together and showing publishers step-by-step exactly what they need to do.

      “Re: international offers” – Currently Revived Media focuses only on countries outside of the US. One thing is certain; people all around the globe ALL have a mobile device in many regions where a computer would be way to expensive. By keeping our concentration here we’re able to capture a much larger audience that can be scaled.

      Thanks again for commenting and your compliments! May 2014 bring you much success!

      - Ryan

  2. says

    Thank you Ryan.
    It has been great pleasure to be part of mobile media buyers community at IMgrind and Revive Media.

    The tracking tool, guides, tips and overall support IMgrind team provide is truly amazing. I look forward to be part of future IMGrind success.

    Again, thank you and have a wonderful holiday.

    • Ryan Gray says

      Thanks for the comment Lalu! We hope you find all of our tools and resources beneficial. As Ruck mentioned in his post, we’re going to be adding a lot more things in 2014, including live weekly webinars where we actually go through follow alongs in the Forum and we can provide input much faster!

      To YOUR success this New Year,


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