5 Entrepreneur Life Lessons Learned In 2013

As the midnight hour is quickly approaching New Year’s Eve, I find myself reflecting a bit tonight and thought I would jot down some tips for you aspiring Grinders just getting your feet as Entrepreneurs. For you advanced Entrepreneurs I had you in my thoughts as well, so hopefully my analogies I explain regarding each of these 5 lessons will be understood for the diverse readership here on IMGrind. I’m working on a translation plugin this week! Our Chinese, Russian and other foreign affiliates channel at Revived Media Mobile CPA Network has grown enormously over the last year so I’m trying to get our content easily readable for everyone. Bear with me!

I didn’t actually learn ALL of these just in 2013, but rather a mix of fails, mistakes, successes and things I attribute largely to the success of IMGrind, Revived Media and iMobiTrax. Enjoy!

1. We’re All In This Together

At the end of the day, when it’s all said and done, we are LITERALLY by life, in this together. Take that in stride while you get your Grind on. I remember when I first started out, I became a pack rat by staying inside and basically becoming an introvert. That isn’t healthy. One of the most KICKASS things about being human…is connecting with others! Why do you think we have friends, mentors, spouses, relationships, dogs, cats, fish…we NEED to connect.

We are now plowing head first in the information age. People are learning and realizing that things aren’t quite what we have been taught and told over the years. We are also realizing just how IMPORTANT it really is to network and connect with other people.  The people who you meet and interact with…shape our lives…more than we know Grinders.

Be the first person to say hi when you are walking down the street. Be the first to smile. Be the first to introduce yourself. Be the first to mutually invite yourself into OTHER people’s space (without being annoying or rude!)…People are so diversified in their experiences that I RARELY have a conversation with someone I don’t know…that I don’t come out with some good life or business tip.

Hey, it’s awesome to be a lone wolf, but great things are accomplished with teams. Even if you are just starting out and feel like you are alone, you aren’t. You never have been and you never will be. But you can’t be like a worthless sponge. You have to GENUINELY like other people. You have to be GENUINELY interested in other people.

You’ve already been doing this all your life too…Watching TV’s, movies, listening to radio, going to conferences…you are meeting and listening to OTHER people…just be more proactive in cultivating a healthy social element to your life. You will have a fountain of knowledge, friendships and people you have a genuine interest in being around with. If that still sounds tough…you can always just compare your loneliness to your friend count. Warning…If you’re an introvert, this can be a little depressing if you choose to do nothing about it. If you choose to open yourself up to people and let them see just how fucking awesome you are…or are growing to be…it’s a cascade of mood elevating happiness. In this world, I’ll take every fucking advantage I can to help ensure a healthy mood.

2. Askholes Are Worse Than Assholes

My sons consider me a GI Joe and my daughter says I cuddle like a teddy bear, but if there is one thing that boils me from the inside out, literally transforming me into a raging,  foul mouthed frenzy it’s taking time out of the day to connect with someone and offer them advice that YOU KNOW WORKS, only to see them shrug it off. Or have a better idea. Or some other excuse they come up with. There’s ALWAYS a fucking reason with these people. (More on this in a minute). Then there are those people (I don’t know why they are on this planet) that say “that won’t work” after we told them it would, BEFORE they even give it a shot.

Askholes. People who come to you for advice, yet ignore the advice given. Literally, not a week goes by, we don’t have someone offering to pay us just to spend a weekend here in the condos in KC. Or come into the office. This shit has become a madhouse of chaotic awesomeness BUT it’s a LARGE fraction of the group of people, that no matter what you tell them, they find some reason NOT to do it. Askholes are the cancer of time and productivity. I am now cloaked in Askhole repellant for the rest of my life.

At least with assholes, instead of askholes, you know one of two things.

They are jealous of what you have or…They need to run you down for their own morality boost. That’s it. Period. Knowing that, it should be your goal to piss as many people off as you possibly can in 2014. The more people you piss off, the MORE they will pay attention to you. Eventually, head will be removed from ass, they will see the big picture…or they will fuck off. Either way, you win.

With askholes it’s different. It scares the shit out of me to look at my Facebook and KNOW how many people put on the fake show everyday. Hey, I get it, that’s your thing…just know that from me to you, the PEOPLE you are emulating, gravitating too and are inspiring to be like KNOW EXACTLY HOW YOU ARE. That’s usually why you get ignored or not paid much GENUINE attention to.

If that sounds harsh, flex your pecs and swallow the pride. I’m trying to help you with awareness here. I can literally go to my Facebook if I wanted to and pick out Poser. After poser. After poser. Now, we all advertise and market ourselves. From the moment we wake up. If we are going to work, school, church, on a date. Typically you will dress better. Groom better. Look good. That’s advertising and marketing. A small dose of it.

You can’t advertise and market a shitty product. I’m not going to insult your intelligence. You already fucking know this. You just might need a reminder. Change your mindset, change your life.

3. Cold Showers Make Your Dick Harder

Through reclaiming your own aggression and forcing yourself to do shit that you normally say no to , cold showers are excellent for elevating your mood, raising Testosterone and just feeling good about being a man. In the last two weeks, I’ve ONLY taken cold showers. I now prefer them.

You see me talk about eating fear for breakfast a lot. That’s because of the beneficial feelings we get from challenging our fight or flight responses. Don’t get me wrong, there are many things we can do to get the same effects. But cold water therapy upon waking up and before going to bed includes strengthening your immune system, improving your mood, confidence, tolerance and of course, you get to break those “programmed” rules we’ve been living by so far in life. I don’t know about you but when I bend or break the rules I feel like I’m doing some shit most people want and this thought alone is enough to put my head under the freezing water. Yes it makes your dick harder. If I have to explain scientifically why this is, I could write a post for days…Why not just fucking do it and find out for ourselves…that’s what I do.

4. People With Reasons Always Fail

There’s two types of people on this planet, no matter how sophisticated and/or simple you might think someone is, when it comes to business, being an Entrepreneur, LIFE IN GENERAL – the game is about risk.  This first (massive) group of people will either come up with a reason NOT do something while the other ones just go out there and try it. I’ve actually stopped wasting my time with people who give excuses. Every single fucking time I say this, then break down and go against my word to try and help, I get fucked. If that sounds harsh, I’m talking to you. I’ve seen it countless times over the years and I fully understand the importance of not wasting my time with these types of people. You shouldn’t either. If you hang around people who are full of reasons not to live their life fully because they cannot control their own fear…

This shit is contagious. You will be drinking those cocktails of worthlessness that have no other design than to LIMIT YOUR POTENTIAL. It all comes down to are you the type of person who limits their own potential because of excuses or reasons…oh and those people who BACK UP their excuses and reasons because they are so set in their beliefs they can’t change…holy shit talk about cancer! They will literally eat you up…Stay far away.

5. People With Purpose Always Win

THEY ALWAYS WIN. If you’re not winning, you need to re-read #4. People who wake up every day and devote themselves fully to whatever it is they are doing, already know this. Whenever I find myself facing brain farts, fog head, cloudiness, or uncertainty – I focus on the purposes of the day. I then devote myself to those purposes.The Samurai of Japan did it. So this shit works.

If that sounds boring, take a look deep within yourself…are you getting the things done you need on a daily basis? Do you find yourself on Facebook chasing chicks? Do you find yourself on porn sites jerking off? Do you find yourself mindlessly peddling around forums, blogs, social networks or your other non-productive stopping sites on the web? Always in search of that ever elusive NEXT distraction?

If that’s your purpose – congrats on being a loser! If that is not your purpose – clean yourself up and watch the benefits of getting shit done take effect. It’s mind blowing some of the most mundane shit in our lives will creep up on us like an anaconda…wrapping us up, to the point we can’t breathe. It’s at this point where we can’t breathe where you will find your purpose. You’re either going to be snake food, or rip that fucker’s head off and hang it above the fireplace. In other words, target your objectives with laser like efficiency and carry them out like a Demi-God on speed.

Purpose driven people are the best drug, medicine, supplement – life force I have found in this world. Find them. Stick with them. Fucking DO what they tell you.

Before long, you will find yourself as the one giving out the same advice. I’m not giving you anything new or mind blowing here. What I am giving you is a sure thing. Just written in my own words. I hope you take advantage.

I didn’t mean to come off as a preacher here but I did want to share a few things that I see are very common with new Entrepreneurs. We all fear what we don’t know. We all do things until we learn and then TRY them differently. It’s in these areas of our life and business where…yes we may fail…but we only fail until we find the RIGHT way to do it.

I would like to thank each and every one of you who works with us, has supported us, shared our content or just passed good Karma our way – we appreciate it more than you know.

I look forward to making 2014 the best year of our life Grinders.

Fuck, that sounds so cliche. Ok, actions always speak louder than words, so I’ll just go back to Grinding…and show ya. :-)

Pay It Forward Thanks!


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